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Government Contracting

We provide tailored risk and human capital solutions to government contractors, focusing on risk management, insurance and human capital.

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Government contractors face many human capital and risk challenges, such as intense competition for talent and operating in high-risk environments. Amid these challenges, you need industry-specific experience and specialized solutions.

Our Government Contracting practice provides insightful consulting and creative solutions to complex risk and human capital challenges. Our team has in-depth knowledge of:

  • Risk management and loss control
  • Compensation trends
  • Benefits design and management
  • Talent and workforce planning

Our team has extensive industry experience and knowledge. The team includes former military personnel with corporate experience working at government contractors, a former carrier loss control consultant for the largest Defense Base Act book of business, a former general counsel of a government contractor, former carrier claims professionals and other knowledgeable, independent advocates.

Using our proprietary research, data, analytics and benchmarking, we’ll create customized risk and human capital solutions for your specific needs.

Government contractors we serve include

  • Aerospace and defense
  • Aviation
  • Support services and consulting
  • Construction
  • Humanitarian relief
  • IT services
  • Linguists
  • Logistical specialists
  • Manufacturing
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • Nonprofits – Federally funded research centers, etc.
  • Private security companies
  • Research and development
  • Stability operations
  • Systems integrators
  • Telecommunications
  • Training and mentorship

Managing government contractor risks

Exposure analysis

With our extensive data on industry losses, we help you identify potential risks. Our approach tests policies against actual lawsuits brought against your peers. This helps us identify potential gaps in your coverage and develop solutions to your exposures.

Risk mitigation

We help you mitigate risk by using existing statutory and contractual protections. We can help you apply for additional indemnification from the U.S. government and when applying for Safety Act certification. This is an example of the full range of services our loss control personnel offer.


We help your contracts team to ensure they follow the government’s bidding process and contractual requirements. We will help create cost-effective insurance programs that fit your needs and maximize the potential for U.S. government premium reimbursement.

Industry knowledge

Our Government Contracting practice stays current on changes in the marketplace and the legal and regulatory environment, helping us understand emerging risks and insurance market events. This includes a deeper understanding of Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) Clauses by combining expertise from staff members who previously worked in the industry.


Our experience sets our Government Contracting practice apart in servicing and administering claims, crisis management, repatriation and managing other associated risks. We'll help you manage your risks with advice and solutions that are customized for your unique needs.

Through our worldwide presence, we can help optimize terms and conditions from underwriters. Our knowledge of legislative protections, government contractor case law and contractual indemnifications informs our discussions with underwriters. We will:

  • Structure your insurance program to help maximize the premium allowable as pass-through under FAR
  • Assist your proposal teams in reviewing and pricing insurance requirements for new growth opportunities
  • Obtain policy wording specific to your risks (human, liability, regulatory and property)
  • Work with contractors to achieve additional indemnification from the U.S. government
  • Provide practical expertise and advocacy during the entire life cycle of the transaction, from insurance program marketing to claim management

Our Government Contracting practice is a center of excellence, committed to monitoring issues important to you.

Focusing on government contractor talent

We bring over 35 years of industry experience to help clients navigate the complex human capital landscape of government contracting. Our team understands the accounting and procurement challenges of government contractors and their implications for human capital and benefit plan management.

How we help our government contractor clients

Employee experience

Employee experience touches every facet of an employee’s time at work. It includes experiences with benefits, rewards, wellbeing, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), flex/hybrid work and career development. We work with you to uncover practical insights that help you hire, build, lead and engage the talent you need to succeed.

Talent solutions

We can help you reimagine how to nurture and grow talent with tools to help you offer competitive compensation and benefits that engage and attract employees, especially in other adjacent industries.

Industry connectivity

We have relationships with prominent government contracting attorneys and auditors, such as the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) and the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA). These relationships provide open dialogue and allow you to balance your legal, moral and practical obligations (e.g. Service Contract Act Compliance, FAR Compliance, Cost Accounting Act Compliance, DCMA/DCAA audits/inquiries).

Industry-based solutions

With our knowledge of industry trends, we can help you reduce the impact of contract turnover. We can also offer guidance during the restructuring or sale of business units due to reorganization, divestiture or merger and acquisition transactions.

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