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Risk & Analytics

Optimize risk management, improve financial performance and gain actionable insights with our integrated risk and insurance analytics and consulting services.

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The success of your organization means outsmarting the risks facing it. To deliver risk management solutions tailored to your unique exposures and business goals, we combine powerful, real-time, scalable risk analytics with our actuarial and consultative capabilities specific to your industry.  

Our risk and insurance analytics give you data-powered clarity on the issues impacting your financial outlook. Discover hidden value and navigate current risk trends with industry specialist knowledge and insight. Use scalable, real-time analytics to answer your C-suite's emerging risk questions:

  • Where do our greatest risks lie?
  • Is our risk transfer strategy efficient?
  • How can you extract more value from our total cost of risk (TCOR) and identify optimized opportunities?  

Together with our range of integrated consulting services, our risk and insurance analytics provide the answers your business needs. To outsmart uncertainty, reduce volatility and maximize your profitability, we combine a deep understanding of your industry with our data-driven, holistic analysis. 

A smarter view of risk

We provide a comprehensive view of risk. With support from actuaries, forensic accountants, risk engineers and risk management consultants, you’ll gain valuable insights. Our services also include insurance placement, claims and captive experts, who provide support when and where you need it most.

You may not yet know all the risks to your organization, or fully understand how they are linked. With our portfolio approach to risk management, you gain:

  • Valuable insight on risk exposures across your risk portfolio
  • Extensive insight on portfolio interconnections
  • Detail on how this relates to your capital to risk exposure.

We don’t view your business as a collection of insurable risks. Instead, we work closely with you and your organization to understand its specific risk management needs. We then enable you to understand the risk management options and risk transfer scenarios best designed to address your risk management cost-effectively and in alignment with your financial priorities.  

To find the combinations most likely to improve your financial performance, we'll test risk mitigation strategies and review risk transfer programs and risk placement options. Our experts across WTW will plot the most efficient path forward. 

Our global capabilities

To meet your unique financial priorities, we combine our proprietary, leading-edge risk analytics with consulting expertise across the range of insurance and risk management specialties:

Translate data into action with risk analytics tools to understand your risks and make data-driven decisions that address them effectively.

Refine your risk finance strategy with Connected Risk Intelligence, a decision-making software-as-service (SaaS) platform enabling optimized risk-finance decisions and maximized value.
Enhance the financial and operational performance of your organization by finding the right captive in the appropriate domicile for your needs with our captives and insurance management solutions strategic consultancy and risk analytics team.
Access different forms of capital and risk financing solutions tailored to your risk management needs with our alternative risk transfer expertise.
Lower your total cost of risk (TCOR) and increase return on investment for your business, people and properties with experts specializing in addressing technical claims advocacy and consultancy.
Maximize recovery with technical solutions for your pre-event and post-event claim needs from our highly qualified and certified public, chartered and forensic accountants, certified fraud examiners, project managers and engineering and construction consultants. Our forensic accounting and complex claims team design support to get you back in business quickly.
Achieve your objectives, increase stakeholder value and deliver sustainable growth with ERM consulting services dedicated to understanding your business’ complex needs and delivering on them.
Reduce loss exposure, see better treatment of your risk in insurance markets and lower your TCOR with our risk control, catastrophe modeling and consulting.

Why WTW?

Our risk and analytics capabilities, combined with consultative services, help you connect data with insights to improve the management of your risk portfolio. Empowered by an analytical risk strategy, we deliver optimal outcomes through powerful digitized platforms and industry-led expertise.

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