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Delivering a better employee experience needn’t be complicated. An employee experience platform to engage employees is all you need. Embark: It’s where EX begins.

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A modern, digital, employee experience platform

Your employees expect HR to keep pace with their experiences as a consumer - mobile, social and on-demand. An employee experience platform like Embark helps you engage your workforce by providing valuable and timely information on one or more key topics or across all of the touch points and moments that matter.

Image of Embark home page mobile and desktop with mobile view showing virtual assistant screen and desktop showing the main page with button selections.
Embark, the first step to the right employee experience

From onboarding and career management to having a baby or managing a critical illness, Embark helps you meet employees where they are while reinforcing your employment brand and employee value proposition.

Because when your employees’ lives are easier and their experiences richer, they’re more productive and engaged.

Communicate with your employees about key HR topics

Embark easily addresses focused, HR topics with a scalable, employee experience platform that grows with your organization.

Total rewards

Soar past traditional total rewards statements by using employee data to target audiences, nudge behaviors, encourage action, and raise awareness of the full package. Increase your employees' appreciation for, understanding of, and participation in their total rewards. Reduce questions and more effectively retain employees. Read more

Embark platform on mobile and laptop screen showing the annual value of an employee's total rewards
Total rewards

Create a clear picture of how your organization is structured and help employees to navigate their career development and aspirations within your organization. Read more

Embark use case screenshots Careers
Financial resilience

Help employees prepare for the future and improve their financial wellbeing. Deliver education and resources including financial planning tools, guides, and videos to your employees including information about financial wellbeing, retiree health options, transitioning into retirement and more.

Embark use case screenshots Financial
Financial resilience
Mergers and acquisitions

Support employees through organizational changes like mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures with timely communication and personalized content that engages employees to support deal outcomes and organizational culture. Organize deal playbooks digitally in secure content areas for your planning teams to access. Read more

Embark platform on tablet screens showing two customized brands of mergers & acquisitions playbooks
Mergers and acquisitions
Benefits experience

Communicate what employees need to know about their benefits. Make it easy for your employees to find benefit information conveniently online or through a Web app experience. Expand the experience to include information for spouses and other dependents.

Embark use case screenshots Benefits experience
Benefits experience
Employee wellbeing

Support your employees across the full spectrum of wellbeing including emotional, physical, social, and financial wellbeing and help them engage with their benefits.

Embark platform on mobile and tablet screen showing health and wellbeing topics
Employee wellbeing
Diversity, equity, and inclusion

Foster a healthy company culture steeped in diversity and inclusion by providing effortless access to employee resource groups, training, and tools, so your employees can bring their whole self to work. Address topics like pay equity and transparency by communicating your philosophy or sharing pay range information with employees.

Embark platform on a mobile screen showing a diversity and inclusion hot topic
Diversity, equity, and inclusion
Pay equity and transparency

Educate employees and managers on pay processes and programs so they recognize the overall value of their compensation, understand what they can do to influence their pay, and trust pay decisions are fair. Disclose pay information to employees and candidates — going beyond legislative requirements for a more consistent experience.

Embark platform on a mobile screen showing Pay equity and transparency
Pay equity and transparency
Manager communications

Equip your managers with communications to best retain and motivate their direct reports. Add connections to employee surveys to develop better action plans for subsets of your population.

Embark platform on a mobile screen showing hot topics for managers
Manager communications
Candidate or alumni communications

Give potential prospects a preview of what they can expect working for your organization. Organize content to onboard them effectively on day one. Expand the audience to former employees or retirees providing more information about vested or available benefits and continue to excite these important brand ambassadors. Read more

Embark platform on mobile and tablet screen displaying a custom message for new joiners
Candidate or alumni communications

Why Embark?

Increase employee engagement and connect with your workforce in the moments that matter with an employee experience platform that’s impactful, personalized, scalable and integrated.


Design to inspire with a branded, digital employee experience
  • Bring information to your employees’ fingertips with a mobile app and create an important engagement touchpoint
  • Deliver a simple and consistent user experience with an intuitive, easy-to-navigate space
  • Design an experience that expresses your corporate brand and style

Connect with each employee personally
  • Target information and bring data to the forefront
  • Show employees only what’s important to them
  • Deliver the right information at the right time to drive action and change behavior
  • Respond to questions via our interactive chat bot with personalized data

Adapt as your specific needs grow and change
  • You decide when, how broad, how personalized, what services – and in what combination
  • Tailor the experience to be as templated or bespoke as needed
  • Meet your global requirements while adapting to local country needs.

Connect your technology solutions in a meaningful way
  • Give your employees one place to go for all things HR with one login connection to carriers, systems, and resources without having to re-authenticate
  • Bring all your data and content together in one place
  • Connect employee listening strategies with personalized content
  • Drive traffic and engagement to important sites and applications
  • Use analytics and insights to drive your ongoing communication and engagement strategy

Upgrade the employee experience with new features
  • Integrate the latest features and functionality through continuous product development enhancements with each new release
  • Take advantage of features in development as an early adopter
  • I’m a current Embark client and I want to join the Beta Program

Leading organizations use technology to deliver a modern, employee experience. Combine our employee experience platform Embark with WTW’s cutting-edge communication expertise to create your next competitive advantage. Come explore the WTW difference.

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Together, Embark plus Engage create the most powerful combination of EX tools in the market.

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