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Group Home and Auto Insurance for Employers and Associations

We specialize in the design, administration and marketing of group home and auto programs across Canada. The difference is in your member’s journey.

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The Advantages of a WTW Group Home and Auto Program

  • A benefit for your members at no cost to your company
  • Similar to an employee’s benefits packages like dental coverage. This is a no cost perk that can be offered to members in order to save them money and time. We all have insurance and it can be time consuming and expensive, we minimize both.

  • Members receive discounted group rates
  • One of the ways we save members money is by giving them group buying power. We negotiate with insurance carriers to offer members preferred rates based on member demographics. Your members will receive discounted rates with certain carriers. Of course, some members will have to go with other carriers based on their insurance profiles, but that is why we are a brokerage and we are able to offer members the right solution depending on their circumstances. No two members are the same or have the same needs.

  • Marketing tool kit tailored to your organizations brand
  • Quite often we find people don’t know where to go get their insurance and are not aware of what is available to them from their organizations. The customized marketing is what's going to let your members know they have this available.

  • We handle all of the administration
  • When we say that we handle all of the administration and there is minimal effort on your end to set up this program, we mean it. The last thing we want to do is bring more work to your teams.

  • Minimal effort for program set up
  • We will require your input on how you would like to market the program and how much involvement your organization wants to have with the program.

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At WTW Private Client, we understand your risk management needs and have the resources, expertise and creativity to respond to those needs.

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