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Workforce trends: 2022 and beyond

Organizations find themselves in an era that marks a revolution in the way work is done and how people are rewarded. WTW's expert insights, informed by a robust research pipeline, will help you balance your workforce’s expectations with business goals.

Our experts dive into findings from the Reimagining Work and Rewards Survey

Insights from our Reimagining Work and Rewards Survey

Hear WTW’s perspective on redefining careers, optimizing work and Total Rewards from three of our business leaders.

WTW's research-driven perspectives

  1. Harnessing total rewards to drive ESG goals

    Boards, shareholders, customers, the media and employees are closely monitoring organizations’ environmental, social, and governance (ESG) promises and, more importantly, deliverables.

  2. Getting total rewards right for part-time and gig workers is key to long-term sustainability

    Alternative work arrangements like part-time and gig work can address the talent gap, but to be effective, you may need to revisit your total rewards strategies.

  3. Resetting Total Rewards in the new world of flexible and remote work

    With challenges arising from shifting employee demands, organizations are looking to reset their Total Rewards programs to enhance the business and employee experience outcomes of flexible/remote work.

  4. Workforce planning when work and risk keep changing

    To gain a competitive advantage, manage change and proactively address new risks, organizations are taking a fresh look at workforce planning.

  5. Reimagining Work and Rewards Survey

    Far-reaching workplace changes, tight labor markets and governance concerns are prompting employers to rethink work, Total Rewards and careers. Discover how organizations are responding.

  6. Far-reaching workplace changes prompt employers to rethink work, Total Rewards and careers

    Discover insights into how organizations are adapting to key pressure points and actions they are taking to meet ever-changing workforce needs.

More Work and Rewards insights

  1. Apply a focus on digital skills to win world-class talent

    HR is under considerable pressure to overcome challenges in attracting and retaining talent with digital skills.

  2. Frontline hourly workers: Can’t get them. Can’t keep them. Why?

    Increasing wages used to be enough to find and keep hourly employees. But times have changed, and so have frontline employees’ expectations.

  3. Talent crisis? Tempt them with total rewards when you extend an offer

    Traditionally, job seekers had to wait until they started a job before they could review their total rewards options. Times have changed.

  4. Create continuity and confidence through rewards in 2022

    Companies that get their Total Rewards strategy right will be best positioned for immediate success, gain a long-term edge in the competition for talent and create sustainable long-term value.

  5. How developments in cryptocurrency may disrupt your compensation strategies

    As cryptocurrency adoption grows worldwide, it could change your compensation and rewards programs.

  6. Infographic: Employers rethink work and rewards to address labor, inflation worries

    Organizations are taking action and changing their pay plans to compete in a challenging environment.

  7. Connecting ESG, DEI and risk

    Corporate risk managers underscore the need to step up corporate sustainability efforts across all areas of ESG.

  8. 3 talent and pay trends critical to your digital transformation

    Your organization's digital transformation will continue even when the pandemic is over.

  9. Recognizing and promoting women’s experiences: The future of work and equity

    Equitable Total Rewards and the right employee experience are keys to success – for everyone.

  10. Infographic: More than half of employees open to leaving employer

    A majority of U.S. employees are either looking for new opportunities or at risk of leaving their employer. Discover employees’ key considerations when weighing job options.

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