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Workplace Risk

Employers of all sizes, across all industries, know Workers’ Compensation is one of the most costly risks they have to manage, but it is controllable.

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WTW’s actionable analytics, process innovation and market solutions help you to protect your people and your organisation.

Why WTW?

WTW designs workplace risk strategies that help you achieve your organisation’s financial and operational objectives. Whether your focus is accelerated growth or preparing for economic challenges, we will provide you with solutions to meet your short and longer-term goals.

Our Workplace Risk capabilities are made up of three areas:

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation

All Australian employers must have Workers’ Compensation insurance and it is often the most expensive insurance your business holds. An added complexity is that because of different laws in each state and territory, it is not possible to have just one insurer or scheme agent.

So, how can you ensure you’re getting the best and most cost-effective solution for your business? WTW acts as advocates for our clients by leveraging our relationships within the market and making complex insurance as simplified as possible. As trusted risk advisors to your business, we help drive success by reducing the cost and administration of a Workers’ Compensation program.

Work Health & Safety

Work Health & Safety

We assist our clients in understanding their obligations under Work, Health & Safety (WHS) legislation – also known as Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) – and partner with them to implement the right risk prevention strategies for their workplaces.

Employee Relations

Employee Relations

We offer the only total Workplace Risk solution within the Australian market, providing advisory services across Workers’ Compensation, Work Health & Safety, and Employee Relations. We support our clients in establishing and maintaining legally compliant frameworks for constructive employee relations and navigating the complexity of overlapping legal obligations which exist within their workplaces.

What can we do for you?

Talk to us about how our seven key people risk solutions can benefit your business.

  1. 01

    Core consulting

    Our solutions-focused advice will help you drive efficiencies and cost benefits across your people risk program. Here’s just a sample of our work - insurer management, people risk performance reporting, premium management, return to work program design, insurer tenders and complex claims management advice.

  2. 02

    Outsourced Return to Work

    Complementing our core consulting services, our outsourced claims and injury management solution provides hands on return-to-work management of all injuries whether work related or not. All WTW team members are holistic consultants, not just allied health providers, meaning we bring a commercial lens to a person-centred approach.

  3. 03


    We offer strategic placement of your national Workers’ Compensation risk. Using our data analytics & insights, market leverage, industry knowledge, strategic partnerships and mature placement process, we design an optimum program at the most competitive pricing.

  4. 04


    WTW provides end-to-end management of a self-insurance arrangement. Here are just a few ways we can help – financial feasibility assessments, injury management audits, WHS audits, completion of applications, consulting with unions, consulting with regulators, placement of reinsurance and management of third-party administrators.

    Are you looking to exit self-insurance arrangements? Let us help you by starting with a reverse financial feasibility study.

  5. 05

    Work Health & Safety

    Our safety and wellbeing team implements tailored solutions to make your workplace a safer place to work, from both a physical and psychological perspective. Some of our solutions include targeted risk prevention, auditing and compliance, leadership and culture, WHS Management systems (ISO 45001), training and competency modules.

  6. 06

    Employee Relations

    Establishing a compliant and clear framework for how the employment relationship will operate is essential to constructive employee relations. We provide project-based consulting services designed to strengthen your frameworks and practices and minimise risk throughout all stages of the employee lifecycle. To address fitness for work concerns, absenteeism, grievances, and performance or disciplinary issues, our ER Assist service provides clients direct access to specialist expertise and support to minimise the time and costs involved.

  7. 07

    Total People Risk

    Our core consulting and/or outsourced return to work services can be extended to incorporate all people risk insurance products, including personal accident, income protection and salary continuance. This represents a strategic and holistic approach to the management of your people risk program.

Success stories

Premium refund

While onboarding a client, we reviewed the company’s national Workers’ Compensation program and identified that the client was entitled to a refund of $75,000. That refund was made to the client within seven days of our identification.

51 claims “lying in limbo” closed in a six-month period

After being appointed to a new client, our extensive onboarding process and partnership approach resulted in the implementation of a new strategy for the organisation. The strategy focused on closing claims that had been “lying in limbo” and after just six months, we were able to close 51 of these, which equated to one third of all open claims for our client.

Money saving analysis and redesign

After an in-depth analysis of a national client’s policy structure and design we identified a more financially advantageous alternate design structure. This recommendation reduced our client’s annual premium spend by $1 million.

Due diligence

During the due diligence phase of a client’s acquisition, we were engaged to review the workers’ compensation program of the target business to give them a true picture of liabilities. Our detailed analysis highlighted that this business had been unnecessarily paying over $300,000 in premium per year, resulting in a corresponding saving to our client.

Why you should contact WTW

  • To learn about alternate premium arrangements available to you.
  • If you’d like your policy classifications reviewed for accuracy and cost optimisation.
  • If you have received an improvement notice from SafeWork and don’t know what to do.
  • To strengthen your employee relations practices and minimise risk of legal claims.
  • When you see increases to your Workers’ Compensation premiums.
  • To learn about strategies to reduce your Workers’ Compensation premium.
  • To be able to regularly forecast Workers’ Compensation premiums.
  • If you are experiencing service issues with your Workers’ Compensation scheme agent/insurer.
  • When you have one large claim that is impacting your Workers’ Compensation premium.
  • When you’d like to know more about the benefits of outsourcing.

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Next Steps

Protect your people and your organisation

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