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Employee Risk Management

How do you look after your employees if they need to take extended leave due to sickness or injury?

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If your employee’s injury or illness was sustained at work, your mandated workers’ compensation policy will assist with replacement income and certain medical and rehabilitation expenses. The insurance company will also assess and confirm whether or not they are fit to return to work. But what if the cause of the incident was non-work related?


Do you as the employer, have a strategy to support your employees in their recovery? Do you have the resources or capabilities to effectively return injured or ill employees to their regular job?
Can you afford to continue to pay key employees after they have exhausted their sick leave entitlements as well as his or her replacement?

It’s easy to see this scenario as purely a toll on your business but consider the wider implications, namely the direct cost of replacing that person and the productivity loss.

Will your employee, in whom you probably have invested a great deal, be motivated to return to work with you if you have not supported them through their recovery process? What message are you sending to your other people?

Supporting an injured employee to return safely to work, as quickly as possible, is essential for continued business productivity and supports equal opportunity good practice. It also helps reduce the financial and emotional impact on your employee and their family and can be an important factor in helping them recover and return to normal life.

The Willis Towers Watson (WTW) Health and Benefits team specialises in designing, implementing and administering group life, salary continuance and health insurance plans that can help manage these risks – including claims management, rehabilitation, and return to work programs.

Outsourcing the management of these risks to the WTW team will ensure you:

  • receive the right advice to cover all your employees for physical and mental illness and injuries, while at work and away, and transfer this risk off your balance sheet
  • gain access to our network of service providers to secure market leading terms, at competitive wholesale prices
  • are able to provide benefits (including wellbeing support) valued by your staff and those you want to attract to your business
  • have the appropriate support for developing and maintaining preventative, early engagement and return to work programs
  • are supported in building your broader benefits strategy, and
  • have peace of mind that all claims will be managed end-to-end by our team of experienced and dedicated case managers.

An appropriate program can be implemented for around 1% of your payroll, but the direct and indirect costs of replacing a staff member can easily outweigh this – on average over 150% of their salary1.

Your WTW Health and Benefits specialist can offer you a health check of your current employee risk management strategy at no cost to your business and with limited time required from you.

For more information on the difference our Willis Towers Watson Health & Benefits team offers, and our free coffee and chat sessions, please download our Health & Benefits brochure below.



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