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Superannuation benefits consulting for employers

Employees who are satisfied with their benefits package support your business strategy and help drive your success.

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Superannuation is a key component of the overall benefit package offered to employees. Our consulting team can provide assistance in the following areas:

  1. 01

    Default fund reviews

    WTW helps employers review their default fund superannuation provider by benchmarking against other providers or via a full RFP service, considering benefit design, insurance design, investment performance, member services and governance. We also help employers choose and transition to a new default fund.

  2. 02

    Superannuation benefit benchmarking and harmonisation

    How does the level of superannuation provided to your employees compare to general or specific industry groups? We can help you determine how your insurance design, additional contributions, any subsidisation of fees and costs, or your application of the SG maximum contributions base compare. We also assist in designing and costing the harmonisation of legacy benefits for different cohorts of employees across a range of benefits.

  3. 03

    Defined benefit consulting

    We can help employers with all DB matters:

    • superannuation benefit design
    • calculation of members’ benefits
    • valuing DB liabilities
    • developing funding and risk management strategies
    • de-risking strategies
    • expert actuarial advice (e.g. provision of expert witness reports for arbitration or litigation purposes).
  4. 04

    Superannuation financial reporting

    We help employers with the valuation and reporting of superannuation liabilities, including valuing defined benefit liabilities and preparing the disclosures required under accounting standard AASB 119. We can also help employers with the disclosures required for executives under accounting standard AASB 124.

  5. 05

    Long service leave valuations

    WTW helps employers with the valuation and reporting of long service leave liabilities. This includes conducting long service leave experience analyses, valuing long service leave liabilities and preparing the figures required for disclosures of long service leave liabilities under accounting standard AASB 119.

  6. 06

    Executive share plan valuations

    We can help employers with the valuation and reporting of executive share-based remuneration. This includes calculating the fair value of performance-linked rights, provisioning for outstanding rights and preparing expense schedules as required under accounting standard AASB 2.

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