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Risk Management Consulting

Better prepare for uncertainty and opportunity with a smarter understanding of your risk through our data-powered Risk Management Consulting solutions.

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To protect and create value through risk management, you need to minimize risk and optimize how you manage your health and safety, people, property, asset and other exposures. Effective strategic and operational risk management is only possible through a broad view of all your risks and the uncertainties and opportunities that could impact sustainable success.

To manage new and emerging risks through compelling and auditable risk management approaches, our Risk Management Consulting brings together:

  • Comprehensive risk management and risk governance expertise
  • Access to sophisticated risk analytics
  • A strategic approach to identifying and accessing risks
  • Powerful tools that support smarter risk identification and mitigation

Risk Management Consulting helps you connect risk decisions to corporate strategy and business goals. We create these connections through actionable outputs that enable more aligned collaboration between risk management, finance and the c-suite.

Modernize how your business both understands and manages its approach to changing risks with our consulting expertise and data analytics.

2024 risk management challenges

Your organization may be facing risk management challenges from multiple areas of operation and strategy.

Enhancing your risk management strategy

WTW Risk Management Consulting focuses on ensuring you get the support you need to manage risks effectively. As a global risk advisor and broker, we offer connections across disciplines, sectors and geographies to create holistic solutions tailored to your priorities and based on a deep understanding of your organization’s complex needs.

Our Risk Management Consulting also calls on wide-ranging risk analytics capabilities, giving you clarity on the risk management issues impacting your strategic and operational processes, including:

  • Where do your greatest risks lie?
  • Is your risk treatment strategy efficient?
  • How effective and embedded is your risk management culture?
  • Is your risk appetite aligned to your strategy?
  • How can you identify hidden opportunities for optimization?

Why WTW?

Our risk solutions combined with consulting expertise support you and your organization on a risk journey, offering actionable insight and improvements to your risk management portfolio. The result gives you smarter risk decisions aligned with your organization’s strategic and financial goals and a better match of risk to capital.

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