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Delivering a better employee experience needn’t be complicated. An employee experience platform to engage employees is all you need. Embark: It’s where EX begins.

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Embark — Where employee experience begins

Designed with employees in mind, Embark is a flexible and scalable employee experience platform, making it easy for your employees to access the information they need in the moments that matter.

Move to excellence in employee experience

The employee experience works best when it speaks to your employees about what matters most in their working life. Embark reaches each and every individual employee, helping them better appreciate the value of everything you have to offer.

Embark, our immersive employee experience platform, creates one simple starting point from which to motivate and support your employees. Combine Embark with our extensive communication consulting expertise to reimagine the employee experience.

A modern, digital, employee experience platform

Your employees expect their HR experiences to keep pace with their experiences as a consumer - mobile, social and on-demand. An employee experience platform like Embark helps you engage your workforce across all of the touch points and moments that matter.

Embark home page on desktop showing COVID-19 vaccination resources and a virtual assistant to ask questions. Includes secondary image of Embark platform displayed on an iPhone for easy mobile access.
Embark, the first step to the right employee experience

Communicate with your employees about key HR topics

Embark easily addresses focused, HR topics with a scalable, employee experience platform that grows with your organization.

  1. Benefits Enrollment

    Approach enrollment as a moment that matters for your workforce. Help employees understand how their benefits and resources fit together and provide the decision-making tools they need.

  2. Digital Hub

    Bring your employees to one platform for all things HR with straightforward access to transactional partner and provider systems on demand.

  3. Employee Experience

    Support employees in their career management. Onboard employees more effectively. Communicate with key workforce segments like managers. Reinforce your employment brand and employee value proposition.

  4. Organizational Transformation

    Support employees through organizational change like mergers and divestitures with timely communication and personalized content.

  5. Total Rewards

    Increase your employees appreciation of their rewards with a personalized, digital experience with Embark for Total Rewards.

  6. Employee Wellbeing

    Support your employees with their emotional, physical, social and financial wellbeing and help them engage with their benefits.

  7. Culture Change

    Enable and nurture cultural changes within your organization. Allow candidates to assess their fit with the company culture and simplify their onboarding process. Communicate with employees and effectively manage change.

  8. Diversity and Inclusion

    Foster healthy company culture steeped in diversity and inclusion by providing effortless access to employee resource groups, training, and tools, so your employees can bring their whole self to work.

  9. Future of Work

    Bolster new ways of working and the digital transformation of the workforce by providing easy access to the information and resources your employees need to work remotely or take on gig assignments and remain engaged and effective.

Why Embark?

Increase employee engagement and connect with your workforce in the moments that matter with an employee experience platform that’s impactful, personalized, scalable and integrated.


Design to inspire with a branded, digital employee experience
  • Bring information to your employees’ fingertips with a mobile app and create an important engagement touchpoint
  • Deliver a simple and consistent user experience with an intuitive, easy-to-navigate space
  • Design an experience that expresses your corporate brand and style

Connect with each employee personally
  • Target information and bring data to the forefront
  • Show employees only what’s important to them
  • Deliver the right information at the right time to drive action and change behavior
  • Respond to questions via our interactive chat bot with personalized data

Adapt as your specific needs grow and change
  • You decide when, how broad, how personalized, what services – and in what combination
  • Tailor the experience to be as templated or bespoke as needed
  • Meet your global requirements while adapting to local country needs.

Connect your technology solutions in a meaningful way
  • Bring all your data and content together in one place
  • Connect employee listening strategies with personalized content
  • Drive traffic and engagement to important sites and applications
  • Use analytics and insights to drive your ongoing communication and engagement strategy

Upgrade the employee experience with new features
  • Integrate the latest features and functionality through continuous product development enhancements with each new release
  • Take advantage of features in development as an early adopter
  • I’m a current Embark client and I want to join the Beta Program

Leading organizations use technology to deliver a modern, employee experience. Combine our employee experience platform Embark with WTW’s cutting-edge communication expertise to create your next competitive advantage. Come explore the WTW difference.

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Together, Embark plus Engage create the most powerful combination of EX tools in the market.

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