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Mergers and Acquisitions

WTW offers a comprehensive range of products and services that support you at every stage of the deal making process whether you are a strategic buyer, seller or a private equity firm.

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Along with comprehensive proprietary research, we work on over 2,000 M&A and private equity transactions each year, bringing a unique combination of risk expertise and deep understanding of human capital and organisational culture to your deal in a simple, three-step process.

Step 1: Pre deal

  • M&A readiness
  • Target identification
  • Preparing to sell
  • Project Management Office
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Step 2: Due diligence and implementation planning

  • Financial exposures, including M&A Insurance
  • Human resource (HR) exposures
  • Deal terms
  • Implementation planning
  • Project Management Office
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Step 3: Post deal

  • Capturing synergies
  • Workforce integration
  • Risk and governance
  • Defining and measuring success
  • Moving to business as usual
  • Project Management Office
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M&A Insurance

What makes a successful deal?

Our experience, backed by research, shows that successful transactions have two common themes.

  1. An early and intense focus on people issues – retaining critical workforce skills, measuring leadership, communicating and engaging with employees and building a culture that aligns with strategic goals.
  2. A rigorous approach to risk management – identifying and managing risk early enables all parties to negotiate with greater certainty and confidence.

From the insurance perspective, we continually refine and expand due diligence reviews of operational insurances — to ensure they are relevant and effective for the target, purchaser and lender, reflect the latest market position and protect against downside financial risk.

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