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M&A Post Deal

In an environment of increasing market volatility, aggressive regulation, and deal complexity, there is more pressure than ever to quickly demonstrate the operational and financial value of your M&A.

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With your M&A transaction complete, we can support your finance and HR leaders in maintaining focus on the full spectrum of business risks and human capital challenges that will make or break success in the long term.

We will work with your team to identify the critical areas that will materially affect your business and the deal success.

At this step we can help you with:

  • capturing synergies
  • workforce integration
  • risk and governance
  • defining and measuring success
  • moving to business as usual.

Capturing synergies

Achieving business synergies is high on any list of deal objectives, but poorly judged savings can do more harm than good. We can help you consider the long-term and wider impact of every decision and develop a road map that allows sufficient time for a thorough analysis of potential synergies, associated risks and implementation challenges.

In terms of risk management and insurance, your deal is likely to offer opportunities to rationalise arrangements. We will help ensure that your business is not unduly exposed in the rush for cost reductions during the delicate early stages of the new organisation.

People and function synergies are also likely to be important. We help you streamline internal resources and business functions so that you avoid long-lasting damage to the culture, retention, motivation and the productivity of the broader workforce.

Workforce integration

Building on the work completed during M&A due diligence and initial integration planning, we help you assess programs for the affected people and develop detailed integration plans, including priorities for Day One and beyond.

Our workforce integration services address the critical areas that materially affect deal success, including:

  • leadership
  • organisational design
  • talent management
  • culture
  • total rewards
  • communication
  • change management.

This includes developing a change management strategy aimed at cultural alignment and harmonising employee remuneration and benefit programs.

Risk and governance

Establishing a common corporate governance framework is essential in enabling your post-M&A organisation to fully understand risk and develop the necessary future oversight. We can help you develop an effective framework with a clear plan to identify and address business risks, including operational, compliance and HR from Day One and understanding exposures, the total cost of risk and implementing best practices.

Defining and measuring success

Measuring the success of your M&A deal is essential to identify whether any further actions are required to meet your objectives — not just of the most recent transaction, but also from future M&A activity. We can help you define what success means for you and how to measure it — both from a finance and HR perspective.

Moving to business as usual

Our comprehensive range of support is designed to help you successfully integrate and shape your new business. We will work with your business and HR leaders to define and implement a long-term vision for a seamless journey from post-deal integration to business as usual, including look at how to manage the reshaped business and preparing for future deal activity,

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