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The central role of wellbeing and benefits in the employee experience

EX Conversations – Asia Pacific

By Pheona Chua and Eva Liu | January 28, 2021

Our thought leaders discuss the impact of the pandemic on health and benefits in Asia Pacific, and key considerations for employee wellbeing.
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EX Conversations: The central role of wellbeing and benefits in the employee experience

With the tumult of the year gone by, it’s no surprise that employee health and wellbeing have been front of mind for employers in 2020.

In this latest conversation, our thought leaders Pheona and Eva talk about the role of benefits and wellbeing in shaping the employee experience, and recent challenges faced by employers. They also share some practical steps for employers to consider as they adapt their health and benefit programs for the new normal.

Each local market should prioritise wellbeing programs that are relevant to their population.”

Pheona Chua
Regional Senior Consultant, Corporate Health & Wellbeing, Asia & Australasia

When it comes to wellbeing, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. It’s important to build a strategy that works for your organisation, beginning with a baseline assessment, listening to your employees to understand their needs, and understanding your workforce health risks.

Employers that know the current state of employee wellbeing in their organisation, and take an integrated approach – looking after the emotional, financial, physical and social aspects – can build a stronger foundation of health and wellbeing for their workforce.

Watch the video above and follow our EX Conversations series to hear more.

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