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Employee Experience

We help you improve the whole employee experience for your workforce, both inside and outside of work.

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Your business is as strong as your people

The business world is dynamic. Yet, with rapid change comes opportunity. We can help you reimagine how to nurture and grow talent so that both individuals and your organization realize their collective ambitions. We will partner with you to create a high-performance employee experience that powers your organization’s ambition to change, grow and thrive amid disruption.

We work with you to uncover practical insights that help you hire, build, lead and engage the talent you need to succeed. Ultimately, combining the right advice, data, analytics and software, we design and deliver an employee experience that powers the ambitions of your people today and shapes the workforce you need for the future.

The most successful organizations power ambition by engaging their people in a better employee experience. Because wherever people flourish, organizations prosper.

What is employee experience?

Employee experience sits at the heart of delivering outstanding customer experience and superior business performance.

At its core, we believe employee experience is about connections at work – working with great colleagues, managers and senior leadership; and being inspired by the purpose of the organization, its mission, vision, values and concrete work goals.

Employee experience touches almost every facet of an employee’s time at work and even moments outside of work. It includes experiences with benefits, rewards, wellbeing, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), flex/hybrid work, environment, social and governance (ESG) and climate, mergers and acquisitions, career development, organizational culture and engagement, and so much more.

Create a high-performing employee experience for your workforce

Organizations transforming their employee experience drive business value and are more likely to generate a positive impact on key performance indicators.

35% higher employee engagement

28% higher employee wellbeing

44% higher organizational culture

2.7x higher productivity

90% lower turnover

How we partner with you to shape your employee experience

We design and deliver better employee experiences for your people, helping power your organization’s ambition to change, grow and thrive, by working shoulder to shoulder with you, bringing diverse points of view and a deep commitment to your success. We partner with you to achieve your organizational priorities by tapping into what makes WTW unique – the powerful combination of our data, technology and advice.

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