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Affinity Insurance

If insurance isn’t your core focus, WTW Affinity offers a solution to seamlessly deliver insurance to your customers, fostering customer loyalty and generating additional revenue streams for your business.

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Experience. Technology. A world of opportunity.

Affinity focuses on designing and delivering tailored insurance solutions for the customers or members of client organizations whose core business is not insurance.

Affinity programs are industry agnostic.

  • Utilities
  • Automotive
  • Retail & MNO
  • Vertical SaaS
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Financial Services

What is an Affinity program?

WTW Affinity designs and delivers insurance solutions for the customers or members of client organizations whose core business is not insurance. The solution helps organizations enhance their customer experience, improve customer loyalty and increase revenues and profits.

WTW offers a range of end-to-end solutions.

  • Advisory

    Program design and distribution strategy

  • Broking

    Product design and placement, including self-insurance

  • Technology

    Suite of technology to distribute insurance and manage claims

  • Sales and marketing

    Maximizing program performance and developing sales strategy

  • Program administration

    Policy and claims administration in some countries full third-party administrator capabilities

  • Data and analytics

    Program performance reporting and optimization

WTW Affinity: 5 unique business models

Programs designed for organizations to be able to offer/sell insurance to their customers to enhance value proposition, increase loyalty or boost profits

Enabling organizations to provide a preferred insurance solution for their franchisees, suppliers or business partners.

Programs designed for professional associations or member-interest groups that want to enhance their membership packages and/or enable additional revenue streams

Insurance products sold directly to consumers. Competitive and highly specialized products to specific target segments

Programs designed for organizations to enhance their employee benefits packages through insurance (voluntary benefits)

Affinity Technology

WTW Affinity technology has been designed for those who understand that selling insurance is not just about increasing the bottom line, but about creating customer value.

We provide an insurtech platform that seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, making it easy for you to sell insurance without disruption to regular business activities. The platform provides an extensive range of options, including insurance products, policies and claims administration. With so many products easily available, you are able to provide the right insurance at the right time for your customers.

Extensive reporting built into the insurtech platform provides insight into your customers’ needs, creating enhanced decision making, optimized sales conversions and higher customer value. By providing a single platform, you have the information you need to audit processes and maintain regulatory compliance.

How does it work?

Incorporating insurance into your organization can be seamless. Insurance can be embedded in many ways, almost across any industry.

  • Insurance bundled with your core products. For example: credit cards bundle insurance benefits with card fees and charges.
  • Your customers perceive insurance as free added value or benefit. For example: Bill protection embedded into the utilities/Telco invoices.
  • Customers opt in to purchase insurance that is offered to them.
    • Fully embedded in the customer journey
    • Directly on your website *based on regulation
  • Purchases are completed at a relevant point in their buying journey
    • In person: Point of sale, Sales Force
    • Telemarketing (inbound or outbound)

The value we bring to the market

We succeed through the distinctive blend of our long-standing expertise and a progressive approach to delivering affinity insurance programs. Our technology-driven solutions provide a fully consolidated end-to-end service, transforming the end-user experience. We enable clients to unlock efficiency, increase customer loyalty and ultimately improve financial results.

We add value across the entire affinity insurance program lifecycle. This enables us to develop an in-depth understanding of our clients’ businesses and to become their trusted long-term partner.

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