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Communication and Change Management

What we do best is help our clients connect their strategy and business objectives to their most valuable asset – their people

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Our Communication and Change Management team brings a strong combination of strategic expertise, robust project management skills, agile change management capabilities, proactive implementation and communication support, and creative design thinking.

What we do best is help our clients connect their strategy and business objectives to their most valuable asset – their people. Whether it’s a large change project or a more straightforward communication campaign, we help our clients ensure that all stakeholders are fully prepared and supported and that employees are provided with the right information, at the right time in an effective and engaging way.

We effectively combine strategy, content and technology to create a meaningful, purpose-driven employee experience.

Get in touch with a member of our team to discuss how we can help you with any of the topics below.

Communication & Change Management can help you with Employee Experience Framework, Total Reward Communication, Employee Insights, Career Framework, Salary Structure, Performance Management including Tandem implementation, Gender Pay, M & A Change Management, Retirement Communications, Pension Change, CPMO, & Employee Wellbeing
Communication & Change Management services offering

Employee Experience

Employee Experience (EX) is the sum of all the touchpoints and moments that matter between employees and their employer. It sits at the heart of delivering superior customer experience and outstanding business performance. We believe there are four fundamental dimensions of EX:

Four of the most important areas that make up the employee experience: Purpose, Work, People, and Total Rewards
The four fundamental dimensions of EX

At WTW, we help our clients create meaningful employee experiences that inspire and engage people to change behavior and drive business success.

Total Reward Communication

Right now, the best talent out there has a world of choice in who they work for, and companies are often in competition to convince top talent to choose them, stay with them and commit to them.

The C&CM WE team has a proven track record of supporting clients to reach their employees with effective, engaging, creative and simple communications that clearly explain what benefits are on offer, how they work, and any actions employees need to take.

Employee Insights

WTW survey 10 million employees across 500 global organisations every year. We have world-class tools for employee engagement survey data, software and advisory services. For a client to fully benefit from an engagement survey, it is essential that managers work with the generated insights and carry out effective action planning.

Our experts can support by deploying engaging communications to raise participation rates, to present the results and develop the action plan in an attractive and engaging way. We make sure your managers are fully equipped to start working with the results and plan for action.

Career Framework

Companies today want a workforce that is agile, with individuals who are seeking personal growth and development. To achieve this, they need a framework which helps provide employees with clear opportunities for their personal ambitions and focuses on business priorities.

We can bring your Job & Career Framework to life so your employees will:

  • Gain a clear view of the organisational structure
  • Know where their expertise could flourish across the company - within or outside of their current business area
  • Have a clear understanding of what they need to develop to get to their next job level or role
  • See that career development is fair, positive and achievable

Salary Structure

One of the biggest challenges for organisations is attracting and retaining the right talent. An important element in this is pay and, maybe even more relevant, fairness and transparency in pay. Our Change Management and Communication team has helped many clients with their pay communication strategy and roll-out. Not only does this help our clients in being more transparent, it can also be used as a conversation starter about employee development and performance.

Performance Management

Feedback can help all of us to become a better version of ourselves. It is one of the greatest gifts to receive from your colleagues, but also one of the hardest to give. Making it easy to deliver well and comfortable to receive is essential to successful performance management processes.

WTW can help you in supporting and driving a cultural change in your organization to grow towards a culture of continuous feedback sharing and help your colleagues to feel enabled to share feedback with any colleague within the organisation. We also partner with Tandem to provide and implement a leading-edge feedback platform.

Gender Pay

The current level of social debate and political activity on pay fairness and equal opportunities has not been seen since the 1970s. It’s a hot topic that’s not going away and organisations need to pay attention. Whether it’s responding to reporting requirements or beyond, our experts are ready to craft the materials and deliver the right message to employees.

We can help you:

  • Gather data and analyse results (our reward experts will get the numbers right)
  • Identify actions required
  • Craft the corporate narrative and key messages
  • Develop communication strategy and plan
  • Write, design and produce communication materials

M&A Management

An M&A is a time of dramatic change. Aligning employees behind your deal objectives and motivating them to deliver can be a big challenge. WTW can help you design a change management strategy that will bring your people with you and help you achieve your M&A goals.

We help clients create a change management and communication strategy that supports leader, manager and employee engagement and maintains focus on driving business performance through a merger or acquisition. A particular focus is on employees and ensuring they know, feel and do the right things in order to encourage business continuity throughout the transaction.

Retirement Communications

Across the everchanging pensions landscape, employers and trustees face increasing challenges with member engagement, expanding legislative obligations, scheme closures and transfers, and an overall trend towards Defined Contribution schemes.

Our team has vast experience in helping employers and trustees meet these challenges by leveraging leading-edge strategy and technology to deliver on their obligations to members. We draw on our experience in markets large and small to helps trustees understand the needs of their members, inform strategy and deliver a consumer-grade member experience encompassing the entire member journey.

Pension Change

Pension change projects remain an ongoing challenge for many large pension funds. With any change to pensions, whether it’s full cessation of future accrual and transfer to a defined contribution arrangement, increases to contributions or reduction to benefits, there is potential to disrupt your business significantly.

Our communication and change consultants are experts in managing these projects from strategy and planning to production and delivery. We’ve supported clients in all industries to deliver pension changes. We help clients create a change management and communication strategy that supports and manages all stakeholders throughout the change and maintains focus on achieving the change with as little business disruption as possible. A particular focus is on employees and ensuring they know, feel and do the right things in order to encourage business continuity throughout the transaction.

Change Enabled Project Management (CPMO)

From our research, we know that only about half (55%) of change initiatives carried out by organisations meet their initial objectives and only 1 out of 4 companies sustain them over the long term. Standard project management has a tendency to focus only on the rational elements related to change – unbalancing the scales.

WTW’s CPMO (change-enabled project management) methodology brings in change thinking which manages both the rational and emotional elements of change – providing balance to the scales.

It infuses traditional Project Management with our unique Change Management tools and insights, resulting in a more intelligent, integrated and proactive approach to change projects.

Employee Wellbeing

If people are truly the at the heart of a company, then promoting wellbeing is vital. Doing it well extends far beyond reducing the numbers of employees who are diagnosed with medical conditions; it can positively improve happiness as well as job satisfaction, retention and productivity.

Wellbeing takes into account the many factors that influence how employees feel at (and about) their work. Our experienced team can help you assess your Employee Wellbeing and form a strategy to improve it.

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Director of Communications and Change Management at WTW and Talent & Reward Practice Lead in Ireland.

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