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Pension Communications

To effectively engage and influence, it is critical to understand who you are communicating to and the information that is likely to be of greatest interest. This makes the ‘what’, the ‘when’ and the ‘how’ relevant. Through data analysis, research, and external and internal cultural insights, we help clients to understand their audiences better to make communications more effective.

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At Willis Towers Watson, we have a team of communication experts who can assist you to design and implement a suitable communication approach, including: strategic planning, drafting of written materials, design and production of different media (including online portals) and guidance and advice to members, either face-to-face or via telephone helplines.

At an initial level we use segmentation elements such as: age, where each individual is in their savings journey, salary, location, tenure, function and career level. This helps to shape ‘best practice’ approaches to the tone, structure, channel and frequency of communications – which will be different for different segments. Coupled with past engagement intelligence (e.g. former actions, previous engagements and communication preferences), clients can start to go further in building a communications plan for their audience. This in turn creates impact and increases motivation in the same way as it does in the consumer marketing world.

Our approach helps clients to develop and execute meaningful, informed and personalised experiences across a range of communications channels – from e-marketing, print and film to text, online engagement platforms and self-segmentation tools – achieving greater return on an investment from communication efforts.

Our pension communications team also have extensive experience assisting companies with pension scheme design change projects and member voluntary exercises. It is critical for the success of these projects that the communications to members are engaging, clear and transparent.

LifeSight offers a brighter pension solution for everyone

John Campion, senior DC Consultant at Willis Towers Watson on our tool for managing retirement communications with employees.

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