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Retailers have always had to evolve to survive. The sector faces major structural change over the next ten years, including disruptive technology, online migration and new consumer demands for experience-led retailing. Future survival and success may depend on retailers embracing these changes and managing the strategic and operational risks they create throughout the value chain.

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Using our retail industry knowledge and insight, we will help you manage and mitigate risk and control cost within your business.

Your WTW client relationship director and WTW risk partner look at your operational structure, your people and the values and ethics that make your company what it is today and what it endeavours to be in the future. We then review risks that could impact your business as well as areas for improvements in business resilience and recovery, risk retention and transfer, servicing efficiencies and cost reductions.

We use informed analysis to help make the complex nature of the risks you face simpler. Through our connected risk management offering, we then provide a holistic solution aligned directly to your key business drivers including: branding, marketing and communications, staff behaviours, product range, supply chain and the site (physical or online).

A Proven Industry Track Record

We serve over 60 retail organisations in Ireland and the UK. Our extensive experience allows us to understand your business and your industry’s unique needs. We have highly valued relationships with the top retail insurers, and within the last year have managed over €50 million in premium on behalf of our retail clients.

Our specialised relationships with these insurers allow us to design, negotiate, select and implement superior insurance programmes for our retail clients.

We have experience in all industry sub-sectors including:

  • Clothing and department stores
  • Food stores
  • Home improvement and furniture
  • Others, including flower shops, toy stores, sporting goods stores and jewellery shops

How can WTW help retail businesses?

With a dedicated Retail practice, WTW has the expertise and insight to help you manage and mitigate risk and control cost within your business. We are passionate about your sector and have a deep understanding of your challenges.

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