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Risk Intelligence Central

Risk Intelligence Central is a highly flexible and seamless risk management portal. It enables you to automate routine tasks; streamline your workflows; make smarter, faster decisions; whilst reducing mistakes and risks – all at the touch of a button. And, with its extensive suite of applications, it’s ready to support you, as your organisation grows, changes and adapts.

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Take greater control of your risk portfolio and make more informed decisions

Risk Intelligence Central is a digital eco-system, with a difference. It comprises a user friendly and highly intuitive, integrated suite of risk management applications, knowledge tools, insights, advanced analytical tools and a collaborative workspace. It’s all designed to enable your organisation to collect, store, share, manage and analyse your risk – all in one central place. Risk Intelligence Central gives you access and complete control of exactly what you need, exactly when and where you need it. And whatever happens, you’ll always have one version of the truth, 24 / 7.

A graphic showing the four categories of apps found within Risk Intelligence Central
Risk Intelligence Central is your source for digitally enabled and simple to use Collaboration, Knowledge, Risk Management and Advanced Analytic applications.


Collaborate better – locally or globally

Risk Intelligence Link

At the heart of Risk Intelligence Central is a collaborative workspace, where all your key stakeholders can work together in real time, in one infinite workspace.
Task Management is easier with Link too. You can keep track of all key activity on your account quickly and simply – it provides you with clear view of the activities of your service team. It’s also an excellent way to store documents, agendas and other important information. It provides a ‘single version of the truth’.


With Risk Intelligence Central you can access rich and valuable insights, knowledge, reports and thought leadership.

Risk Intelligence Country Information
Country Information

Is a dynamic intelligence platform, designed to help you simplify the highly complex world of insurance regulation and market practice – covering over 170 territories around the world. You can use it to run custom reports and build flexible views. This will enable you to evaluate program design and compliance more effectively – as well as make informed decisions about your global and local insurance strategy.

Risk Intelligence Market Security
Market Security

Is a secure and customisable source of financial and rating agency information relating to (re)insurers and insurance entities utilised by Willis Towers Watson. It enables you to view the current financial strength ratings and financial data of the (re)insurers on your insurance programs, with the option to set up alerts in respect of rating changes – saving you time and potentially reducing your risk.

Risk Intelligence Insights

Is your source of all our latest research and thought leadership.

Risk Management

A simple way to collect all your risk data centrally and create reports easily

Risk Intelligence Exposure Management
Exposure Management

Is the backbone of our Risk Management applications suite. It provides you with a single intuitive interface where you can manage all your key asset and liability exposure data from across your entire organisation. It provides all your key exposure values and details across your portfolio at the touch of a button – so you can see in an instant your total exposure at any one time – across subsidiaries and regions.

Renewal Data Management
Renewal Data Management

Is designed to help you to capture all your exposure data across your organisation in a highly systematic way. It tracks and monitors progress in real time and can generate alerts and reminders to ensure the timely updating and completion of tasks by all the required contributors. It makes sure that all your records are kept up to date efficiently.

Risk Intelligence Incident Management
Incident Management

Is a simple to use digital environment where you can capture information relating to events, incidents and near misses across your organisation. It allows you to spot patterns which helps you predict and avoid future risks, as well as helping you to meet your compliance and reporting obligations too.

Risk Intelligence Policy Summary
Policy Summary

Allows you to see all the essential policy details placed by Willis Towers Watson – or any of its affiliate brokers – at your fingertips. It provides you with highly valuable insights into your insurance programme, no matter how complex your organisation is.

Loss Tracking & Insight
Loss Tracking & Insight

Provides a single, intuitive interface for capturing all types of loss data across your portfolio, enabling you to manage and track losses efficiently and simply. You can track how much has been paid out on a loss – monitor the financial elements – so you always know your current financial standing when there has been a loss. It can also help to identify new or emerging loss patterns and financial trends.

Supplier Certificate Management
Supplier Certificate Management

provides a single view where you can store, track and monitor incoming supplier Certificates of Insurance. It allows you to streamline how you track and monitor Supplier Certificates of insurance, whilst also allowing you to define and monitor compliance of new certificates – customised to your own specific corporate needs. It also identifies and flags supplier certificates that are about to expire, have expired and which supplier certificates are outside of compliance.

Advanced Analytics

For clients who need advanced analytics, Risk Intelligence Central has a powerful suite of analytical tools for you to use.

Quantifies your global property loss potential from both catastrophe-driven and non-cat hazards incorporating your own loss history, engineering reports, and more for comprehensive and customized property risk quantification and calculates return on investment for any property risk transfer strategy.

Quantifies public company D&O risk contemplating your organisation's stock price trends, price volatility, governance and accounting metrics, allowing you to identify and refine a more precise picture of loss potential. Our valuation dynamics provide predictive insights into D&O risk transfer solutions. This facilitates strategic program design and tactical engagement of the insurance marketplace and provides concise and compelling output for efficient communication with internal stakeholders.

Provides you with the ability to generate better key insights from loss data – to assist you in the better planning and management of risk. And because its data feeds are automated – it reduces the need for the manual uploading of data. It also provides the ability for users to easily cascade and share access to report data with other members of your Team.

Is a sophisticated diagnostic model, which evaluates your property portfolio to assess your exposure to 12 natural catastrophes, terrorism and pandemic illness. Our holistic diagnosis provides you with a strategic foundation for smart, next-level analytics.

Energy Losses
Energy Losses

Is the most comprehensive database of energy losses in the world. Here you can analyse current and historical loss information – since 1972 – and make informed decisions on your insurance strategy. It’s designed to provide an underwriting and risk guideline. Records are held with information for major loss types including Property Damage, Operator Extra Expenses and Business Interruption. By looking at historic claims details it helps to adequately rate risks going forward and set appropriate terms.*
*This can be added to your Risk Intelligence Central portal if required, for an additional charge.

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