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Aviation Safety Partnership

A community with safety at its core, combining solutions, knowledge and partnership to support operational resilience and business growth in the airline and general aviation industry.

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Introducing WTW Aviation Safety Partnership

Navigating the airline and general aviation industry risk landscape requires a deep understanding of the unique operational threats faced by the sector. We work in partnership with our clients to help them identify and manage these risks effectively, building a lasting relationship with one shared aim: to reduce the risks faced by the airline and general aviation communities.

It is this experience that has led us to create the WTW Aviation Safety Partnership, a community with safety at its core, offering diagnostic, advisory and risk solutions to support safety goals through industry collaboration.

How we deliver value

Our value proposition is focused around three core principles:

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    Industry growth through collaboration

    We have strong links with key industry organisations, allowing us to remain up to date on the latest developments across all aviation sectors.

    Collaboration is fundamental to ensuring the highest levels of safety. WTW Aviation Safety Partnership aims to facilitate collaboration across the sector by hosting and participating in industry forums, to encourage effective dialogue and sharing of best practices between all members of our community.

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    Supporting safety proactively

    WTW Aviation Safety Partnership aims to keep our clients informed by sharing the latest industry insights. We provide a proactive response to the sector’s evolving risk trends through industry analysis, thought leadership, market updates and technical insurance advice.

    WTW's new aviation insurance knowledge platform, Clarity on Demand, is a clear example of how we drive value to our clients across the world, helping them create industry resilience through sharing knowledge.

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    Managing safety and risk

    We offer a wide range of solutions to support our clients’ operational needs.

    Working closely with our clients to make improvements across a number of areas of potential risk we aim to enhance our clients’ existing safety management plans through our new industry solution: Safety 360.

    Additionally, our cross-functional approach can support our clients’ operations in areas such as Enterprise Risk Management (ERM); Environment, Social & Governance; Mental Health & Wellbeing; Business Continuity Planning; and Cyber Preparedness.

Safety 360

We are committed to partnering with our clients on safety. It is for this reason that we have developed Safety 360, a solution that aims to simplify safety management in the airline and general aviation sector.

Our WTW Aviation Safety Partnership team have many years of operational experience in their respective areas, offering pragmatic and sustainable, support and advice that will lead to effective and achievable improvement plans; tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.

From independent reviews of safety management systems; strengthening of emergency management and business continuity plans; preparation for IOSA risk-based audits; and training on the human factors-based investigation methodology (utilising the HFACS protocol), Safety 360 has a tailored approach to our clients’ operations.

Everything in safety is linked; that’s why Safety 360 delivers a connected approach to risk management, providing support across such a wide range of areas.

We are committed to collaborating to enhance knowledge, help identify evolving risks and shape future-proofing safety strategies for the benefit of the industry.”

Duncan Trapp | Director, WTW Aviation Safety Partnership

Aviation safety resources

As part of our commitment to keeping clients connected, learn more about aviation safety across our industry with these key resources:

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