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Benefits Benchmarking and Insights

Continually checking that you are offering a cost effective yet competitive benefits package will help attract and retain star performers – without paying over the odds.

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Benchmarking enables you to review your benefits regularly, ensuring they remain competitive, attractive to employees and compliant with applicable laws and regulations.

Our benchmarking insights service gives you access to a host of benefit benchmarking tools and resources – including an advanced database which gathers the latest benefits information from thousands of leading organisations across the globe.

Our database, Benefits Data Source, holds comprehensive information on a variety of employee benefits, from over 18,000 organisations in 111 countries. In the UK, we have data from more than 1,000 companies across a broad range of industry sectors, including 200 high tech companies, 200 financial services and 300 manufacturers.

In addition to industry-specific, off-the-shelf reports, our team can also conduct in-depth analysis, providing a side-by-side qualitative assessment comparing your benefit design provisions against a peer market with meaningful commentaries to help understand the competitive landscape.

Output is a personalised recommendations and a clear action plan to help tackle areas where your benefits package may not be fit for purpose and the best pathway for ensuring a futureproofed benefits offering.

Predictive Benefits Benchmarking

Using our in-house knowledge and market research expertise, combined with anonymised employee data, our Predictive Benefits Benchmarking service can help clients futureproof their employee benefits offering.

We provide organisations with in-depth analysis to help them anticipate current and future benefits preferences, followed by a clear, bespoke action plan to ensure that the specific wants and needs of employees are met by a tailored employee benefit offering.

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