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EX Talks Europe – our experts discuss and share insights on all angles of employee experience

'EX Talks' '(Employee Experience Talks)' is a series of short discussions by our experts on the hottest employee experience related HR topics that drive organisation performance forwards.

The series will leverage findings from our recent WTW Global EX Survey. When following these EX Talks in the coming months, you will receive expert views and insights into EX topics such as:

  • Building an integrated EX Strategy
  • Work & Rewards driving your EX
  • Digital EX employee impact
  • Leadership influence on EX & levers of change
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion fueling a strong EX
  • Reimaging listening to enhance EX
say enhancing EX will be a priority over the next 3 years according to the 2021 Global EX Survey

From Amsterdam to Brussels, Ireland to Madrid, our thought leaders connect from their own living rooms, studies or reopened offices to reflect on the challenges and opportunities faced when striving to create a market leading employee experience (EX).

Join us and listen in on these conversations as we explore EX from all dimensions and investigate why employee experience matters to the HR community; to business strategy in general and most importantly to employees themselves.


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