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Making an impact in the new work environment - HR insights

September 5, 2023

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Disruption impacts the dynamics of work. But what differentiates organizations that thrive from those that don’t?

In an ever-changing environment, HR leaders have much to consider as they steer their organizations through a downturn. Operating in difficult times, with limited resources, they must find creative ways to retain the talent they have, attract new employees, and develop an environment which supports success and drives efficiency from the biggest spend on most companies' P&L - the spend on talent. Much has been said about what people want from their careers in the post-pandemic world, and businesses are looking for the most effective ways to support growth through their people.

Our Making an impact in the new work environment - HR insights, explores areas that impact the dynamics of work as they continue to change due to flexible work models, automation and new sources of talent.

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