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Employee Value Proposition

Reimagine your employee value proposition (EVP) to accelerate your business growth.

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At WTW, we help employers deliver on their employee value proposition (EVP) through their employees’ lived experiences.  

Fundamentally, people are seeking connection and contribution through work. The EVP is the engine that drives your employee experience (EX). From articulation to activation, we take an integrated approach by bringing together the parts of the employee experience into one consistent, coherent and measurable EVP. We also align the goals of the organization and the expectations of its people. 

What is an EVP?

An employee value proposition is the architecture of everything that the employee experiences that makes that employer unique. It’s informed by business and talent needs, serving as a driving force for specific outcomes within an organization. It sets expectations and shapes culture, whether intentionally designed or not. The EVP enhances employee motivation, job satisfaction, loyalty and commitment to the organization, thereby boosting engagement, motivation and retention. 

As employee expectations have evolved, so has the EVP, transitioning from a transactional give/get relationship to one that prioritizes differentiating lived experiences. This paradigm shift recognizes that the overall experience and value employees derive from their work environment are crucial in shaping the employer-employee relationship.   

The WTW approach

An effective EVP can drive business goals and help mitigate business risk.  

An EVP should be informed by business and talent needs to drive immediate and future business goals and mitigate business and people risks.

  • Business needs: as articulated in your business strategy, priorities, purpose, mission, vision, values
  • Talent needs: identified through employee listening (e.g., survey results, focus groups, executive interviews), talent competitor analysis, industry and wider market environment and trends

An EVP should be aspirational while also representing what makes your organization different and special. A differentiated EVP is:

  1. Distinctive

    Standing out from your competitors by providing a differentiated experience

  2. Relevant internally

    Providing meaning to employees and resonating with their daily experience

  3. Appealing externally

    Speaking to the hearts and minds of the talent you want to hire

  4. Sustainable

    Has staying power to deliver on the desired experiences now and in the future

  5. Targeted

    Focusing on the behaviors you need to deliver business performance

  6. Global

    Connecting with employees across geographies

To effectively shape and enhance the employee experience, there are some key elements that you should incorporate into the construct of your EVP.

Our EVP construct

An image of five overlapping circles. From smallest to largest, they are labeled statement, mindsets, behaviors, enablers and outcomes.

Below the circles it says

  • EVP statement: Articulates the company’s “why.” Next to the text, there is an icon of an open book and question mark.
  • EVP mindsets: The key beliefs that deliver the desired employee experience. Next to the text, there is an icon of a head with a heart in the middle.
  • EVP behaviors: The behaviors and actions that need to be present within the organization to deliver on the EVP mindsets. Next to the text, there is an icon of a head with gears in the middle.
  • EVP enablers: The programs, policies, processes and practices that need to be aligned to drive EVP behaviors and deliver on the EVP mindsets. Next to the text, there is an icon of a graph with horizontal lines.
  • EVP outcomes: The culture and the lived employee experience your EVP delivers. Next to the text, there is an icon of a checkmark.
To effectively shape and enhance the employee experience, employers should consider these elements in the construct of the EVP.

What you risk without an effective EVP: 

  • Missed financial targets 
  • Low customer satisfaction 
  • High talent turnover 
  • Poor leadership pipelines 
  • Difficulty recruiting critical talent and skills
  • Low productivity levels 
  • High employee sick days and operational costs

Why work with us

Our clients are seeing and benefiting from a clearly defined and well-executed EVP, delivering on the desired employee experiences that ultimately drive exceptional financial performance. Our research shows a direct correlation between strong financial performance and having a strong EVP and EX. 

People outcomes

+35% employee engagement

+44% organizational culture

+28% employee wellbeing

Business outcomes*

11X increase in profit margin

3X higher revenue growth

+90% more likely to report annual undesired turnover than industry peers

*Over three years

Source: WTW Global High Performance Normative Data

Helping employers understand, define and improve their employee experience isn’t just what we do; it’s why we do what we do. What you can expect: 

  • Insights on what attracts, motivates and retains people 
  • Global and local context on how you’re performing against your talent competitors 
  • Practical guidance that makes an impact 
  • Immersive and award-winning storytellers
  • Real and relevant experience and a love for what we do

We transform tomorrows. Authentic. Curious. Bold.

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