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Global News Briefs

A focus on headquarters and multi-country research and thought leadership in benefits and total rewards. Covering the latest thinking on issues vital to the success of your organization and your people, such as retirement, benefits management, diversity, wellbeing and financial resilience, and more. With a curated selection of related legislative changes in individual countries and legislatures.

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Featured articles this month

  1. 2024 Wellbeing Diagnostic Survey

    How effective is your wellbeing program and how does it compare with other employers? Take our survey and receive a personalised scorecard with insights on the effectiveness of your wellbeing strategy.

  2. The EU Pay Transparency Directive – What a difference a year makes

    Benefits are included in pay for this legislation. Our 30-minute webcast on Wednesday, April 23 will provide insights as to where organizations are on the journey and practical tips to help you prepare.

  3. Retention agreements during M&A: The current state

    Join our M&A webcast on Tuesday, April 23, where you will learn how acquirers are approaching retention of crucial talent during transactions. We’ll also share invaluable insights from the WTW 2024 M&A Retention Study.

  4. IEBA Annual Conference 2024

    The International Employee Benefits Association (IEBA) annual conference is taking place in Brussels on 11 to 13 June. We’ll be there speaking about the future of the global benefits function. Many companies will be there speaking about their own experiences of what they themselves have done and plan to do.

  5. Pensions: Global Accounting Consolidation and Risk Management

    Is your multinational company interested in a more effective way to consolidate and monitor the financials of your pension debt?

  6. Benefits Data Source

    Staying competitive means having a benefits package that can attract and retain the best talent. Explore how we can help you build a benefits strategy built on robust and up to date global benefits data.


Global News Briefs

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