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Survey Report

Global priorities for employee benefits: An HQ perspective for 2023

Survey results

By Nigel Bateman | November 3, 2022

Our survey addressed global priorities and focal points for 2023 on employee benefits and pensions. The results will help set priorities and initiatives.
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Results of our 2023 Global Priorities for Employee Benefits Survey: HQ Perspectives are now available.

The survey looks at focus areas and trends for employee benefits and pensions among global and regional headquarters (HQs) of multinational organizations.

Key insights

  • Focus on people accelerates – including for employee benefits and wellbeing.
  • Emerging ESG ambitions and expectations are raising standards for benefits offerings and robust governance.
  • Simplifying companies’ operating models is still in focus – with attention turning to employee benefits and pensions.
  • Risks need ongoing attention and inflation brings costs into focus - to optimize the use of resources and capital.

Contact your WTW consultant to uncover further insights to better understand the priorities of your peers - which can also guide your 2023 planning.


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