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Shaping the future of pensions together

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By Guillaume Hodouin | February 9, 2023

Outlook for 2023.

WTW has been active in Switzerland for the last 35 years. It all started with a small office in Geneva. The challenges involved over the years were driven by the Swiss pension fund market which developed quickly and got more complex. As a result, the WTW team added Swiss pension fund experts, pension insurance brokers, pension lawyers, pension fund managers and of course also international pension actuaries and consultants. Today, offices are now located in Zurich, Lausanne and Geneva to serve the Swiss local market.

Furthermore, as of 1st January 2023, WTW Switzerland and GiTeC Prévoyance SA agreed to merge their operations, which is yet another step in the strategy to better serve and commit to the Swiss market. The complete team of six talented and experienced pension fund experts and actuaries from GiTeC represents a strong addition to WTW in Lausanne and Geneva. We are confident of the benefits this merger will bring to WTW and GiTeC clients and colleagues with the objective of becoming a reference in the field of actuarial services for the Swiss market.

Looking ahead, we now continue to await the impact of future Swiss reforms in the occupational pension field (second pilar). Many challenges will be presented to Swiss pension funds and employers in 2023: We continue to track the impact of inflation, the new data protection law, more sustainable approaches for investment and governance of pension funds, and a possible economic slow-down. At WTW we help Swiss pension funds and their stakeholders to navigate through complex times.

Therefore, please watch-out for our upcoming Webinars and WTW exchange sessions. Under the theme “Future of Pensions”, we plan to review many of the key challenges that will affect Swiss Pension Fund Board, Insured members (both actives and pensioners) and employers.


Head of Retirement Romandie

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