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Global Benefits and Attitudes Survey 2022 Switzerland: Remote working

August 17, 2022

Key for retention and engagement is the alignment of remote working policies with employees’ expectations.
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According to WTW’s Global Benefits and Attitude Survey 2022, flexible work is an important policy for both attraction and retention in Switzerland. Work patterns have changed since the beginning of the pandemic and employees prefer more remote working. In fact, 30% would like to work always or mostly remotely whereas only 10% did so before the pandemic.

Where employees want to work more remotely or more onsite, but can’t, they are more likely to leave their employer and are less engaged. Key for retention and engagement is the alignment with their expectations. When aligned, employees also have lower levels of absenteeism.

Working remotely is a mixed experience for employees. Employees enjoy greater work-life balance (59%), but many have heightened concerns around disconnection (44%) and career development (31%).

If you want to learn more about WTW’s Global Benefits and Attitude survey 2022, please reach out to your WTW consultant.

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