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Health & Benefits Blog

Our Health & Benefits Blog articles regularly address current topics from a wide range of areas (health and personal insurance, wellbeing, etc.).

Below you can see an overview of the articles published to date:


A good corporate culture is a prerequisite for job satisfaction
Reto Ebnöther, 11/23

Employee Benefits - What really matters!
Indra Diederichs / Fabienne Züger, 07/23

Claims - how to react properly as an employer and as an employee
Antonella Abbagnal, 05/23

Medical costs abroad in the event of an accident - beware of nasty surprises!
Guillaume Pache, 03/23

Why the "total rewards view" is becoming more and more important - a look at the practice
Reto Ebnöther / Marco Schmid, 01/23


Employee benefits are key to retaining and attracting talent
Reto Ebnöther, 09/22

Digital Wellbeing - Impact on the insured person
Indra Diederichs, 05/22

Being financially secure - an important part of our wellbeing
Indra Diederichs / Reto Ebnöther, 03/22

Flexible and individual benefit programs retain talents
Reto Ebnöther, 01/22


Accident or illness - who understands the exact distinction?
Andrea Wyss / Francesco Puliafito, 11/21

How the COVID-19 lockdown is impacting wellbeing
Fabienne Züger / Alex Hocher, 01/21


Wellbeing in practice: An exciting look behind the scenes with SWICA
Arja Hamie / Reto Ebnöther, 10/20

Pandemic creating major challenges for health and sick pay insurance market
Reto Ebnöther, 05/20

Wellbeing Ideas for Remote Employees
Reto Ebnöther, 03/20


Meeting multi-generational needs named top benefits challenge facing Swiss employers
Reto Ebnöther, 12/19

Will daily sickness benefits insurance survive the next 10 years?
Reto Ebnöther, 06/19

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