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M&A project management office: An important key to a successful deal

Incorporating a dedicated project management office (PMO) to lead the pre- and post-merger integration activities can be a key differentiator in managing and executing transactions successfully.

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Managing a successful transaction

Many mergers and acquisitions fail. Indeed many studies state that the majority of deals struggle to achieve their objectives. One of the key reasons cited for this failure is poor management of the post-deal integration, including bad strategic direction, organization, process discipline and an inability to manage change effectively. We know from experience that the management and transition of employees to the new entity strongly determines success. Integration pre-planning and the proper execution of the integration plan can make the difference between realizing the intended synergies and failing to create value.

We also know that incorporating a dedicated project management office (PMO) to lead the pre- and post-merger integration activities can be a key differentiator in managing and executing projects successfully. An experienced PMO will help ensure the delivery of integration activities, communicate expectations of critical items to stakeholders and escalate issues in a timely manner.

How we can help you gain advantage

Our accredited, experienced project management experts will work with you to establish and manage the PMO — or as we call it, the change-enabled PMO (CPMO for short), because we seamlessly integrate change management tools into our robust project management offering at no additional cost.

Our proven approach ensures the programmatic elements of the project are managed alongside the people impacts. By placing great emphasis on stakeholder management while maintaining our deep-rooted foundations in project management, we can deliver everything you would expect in this space: a suite of rigorous and robust tools; established governance models, processes and approaches; and management of the project to time and budget — the mantras of any PMO, delivered in a manner that engages and involves your stakeholders.

Our project management services

We manage the project and employee change experience through a simple three-step process:

  1. Establish the PMO approach
  2. Charter project work streams and build and refine the project plan
  3. Run and maintain the project plan

We use a unique set of project management and change-enabled tools. Our services include:

  • Project governance: establishing and maintaining project governance frameworks, processes and approaches, including defining roles, responsibilities and accountabilities
  • Project cadence and processes: helping you establish the correct rhythm for the project and associated stakeholder touch points, as well as establishing baselines, controls, tolerances and escalation points
  • Change analytics: identifying and managing critical change impacts, readiness and dependencies throughout the project
  • Stakeholder engagement: helping you understand, segment, map and engage stakeholders across the project to enact activity and manage your people
  • Toolkit development: either bringing our tried-and-tested set of robust project and change management tools or helping you develop a suite of tailored tools specific for the project
  • Project plan development: chartering the project and work streams to build out a detailed, integrated project plan — bringing together all activity under one master plan. Project plans often include critical paths, dependencies and resource allocations
  • Measurement: conducting and delivering project, or wider, change measurement
  • Run and maintaining the project: supporting you every step of the way during the project, including:
    • Driving and progressing project activity
    • Tracking and status reporting on project activity
    • Monitoring and proactively managing risks, issues, actions, dependencies and budget
    • Ongoing stakeholder engagement
    • Providing strategic and tactical insight, advice and corrective action to enable quick, robust decision making and deliver the project on time and to budget
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