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Liquid Diversifier Solutions

Pooled and custom solutions that unbundles the return drivers from hedge funds, providing investors with access to liquid, diversifying returns at a competitive price.

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Challenges you face

Hedge Fund industry hasn't delivered the returns they promised

Sources of return have high correlation to equites and bonds

Fees remain too high

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Solutions that count

Find specialist managers that genuinely deliver diversifying sources of return

Isolate a manager's true skill and influence product design

Leveraging scale and brand to negotiate attractive fees

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Meeting your needs

Identify and isolate skill


Choose to invest systematically at lower cost where it's efficient to do so


Exploitation of first mover advantage

= Diversifying exposure from equities and credit at the right price point for the investor

Our differentiated approach:

  1. 01

    Specialist Execution

    We identify specialist managers that we believe are the very best at delivering attractive diversifying sources of return or alpha. Once we've found these talented managers, we isolate their specific skill and extract that return potential to ensure we're delivering real value to our clients.

  2. 02

    Ideas and Innovation

    If the alpha is there, we access it via our own bespoke investment vehicles at attractive terms, but we also closely scrutinise those returns which could provide alternative forms of beta – attractive returns, worth owning but which can be systematized and therefore accessed in a much more cost-effective way. By de-bundling a manager's true skill and return potential in this way, we seek to ensure clients only pay for real value – not expensive hedge fund vehicles delivering mediocre results.

  3. 03

    Value for Money

    In a notoriously expensive industry, we engage with hedge fund managers and use our bargaining power to achieve competitive fees and terms. We ensure our clients are amply diversified, getting value for their money.

  4. 04

    Time and Expertise

    By delegating investment selection decisions, our solution helps investors balance diversity, complexity and governance while offering greater transparency on true costs and underlying exposures.

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