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Intangible Asset and Intellectual Property Risk Management

Understanding the complexities and potential financial impact of intangible asset risks

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What are intangible assets?

While not physical in nature, intangible assets are identifiable, can be bought and sold independently of the owner, and therefore have value.

Image showing a list of intangible asset examples such as: Inventions protected by patents, brand protected by trademarks,
creative expression protected by copyrights, propriety databases, contracts & licenses, in-process R&D and confidential information or data that provides competitive advantage.
Examples of intangible assets

What are Intangible Asset Exposures?

Image showing the process of how intangible assets get exposed to threats and what those threats result in, considering loss and costs.
The 3rd stage is how intangible asset protection can be applied.
Intangible asset exposure and insurance process
  • Disclosure/Leak
  • Misappropriation
  • Damage
  • Destruction
  • Loss
  • Counterfeiting
  • Ownership Dispute
  • Infringement
  • Legal challenge to an IP right
  • Legal Expenses
  • Investigative Costs
  • Settlement
  • Damages
  • Infringement Indemnity Costs
  • Lost Revenue
  • Repair Costs
  • Redevelopment Costs
  • Lost or decreased Value
  • Design-around Costs
  • Criminal Penalties
  • Loss of Relationship
  • Loss of License
  • Replacement Costs

Understanding the complexities and potential financial impact of intangible asset risks is crucial for safeguarding your business. At WTW, we specialize in providing innovative and comprehensive risk management and financing solutions. With our client-centric approach, robust analytics, and global infrastructure, we are committed to delivering exceptional value and ensuring your peace of mind.

Why choose us?

In-depth risk profiling

Gain a deep understanding of your intangible asset risk profile and assess the potential financial impact of IA exposures on your business. Our expertise lies in leveraging advanced analytics, including our proprietary modelling software, Igloo. By quantifying and modelling individual and collective intangible asset exposures, we provide actionable insights into managing and mitigating these risks.

Optimal risk financing

Navigating IA risk financing can be challenging. Our dedicated team guides you to the risk transfer solutions that best suit your needs. Whether it's self-insuring, purchasing commercially available insurance, utilizing your captive insurance company, or a combination of strategies, we optimize your IA risk financing for maximum effectiveness.

Pioneers in the field

As the first global broker to establish a practice focused on intangible asset and intellectual property risks, we bring unparalleled expertise to the table. Our integrated team comprises risk consultants, actuaries, placing brokers, and claims advocates with specialized IA risk experience. Rest assured, you're in capable hands.

Industry-specific knowledge

We understand that IA risks vary across industries. Whether you operate in Technology, Media, and Telecommunications (TMT), life sciences, retail, manufacturing, or other sectors, our team has in-depth knowledge of the specific challenges you face. We tailor our solutions to address your industry's unique IA risks effectively.

Comprehensive coverage

Our solutions extend beyond placing traditional IP insurance. We provide a range of services to mitigate IA risks comprehensively. In addition to placing our proprietary Intangible Asset Protection insurance, we routinely place IP insurance and tech E&O and media liability insurance, as well as judgment preservation insurance and other contingent risk coverages for IP litigation. We also have experience placing collateral protection insurance for debt transactions where most of the collateral consists of intangible assets. Leveraging our analytics, data, and Igloo - our proprietary risk analytics modelling platform, we also offer IP risk assessment and quantification consulting services to help you understand and manage potential IA and IP risks effectively.

Innovative solutions

Staying ahead of the curve, we develop cutting-edge insurance products to meet evolving market demands. Our flagship offering, Intangible Asset Protection, is the first insurance product that safeguards non-public, proprietary intangible assets against financial loss caused by insider actions. This unique coverage protects against loss, leakage, damage, or destruction of intangible assets, offering you comprehensive protection.

Tailored IP coverage

What sets us apart is our years of experience in placing standalone IP insurance. Our access to IP litigation databases enables us to assess potential frequency and severity of IP risks accurately. This allows us to identify and address IP exposures, including contractual IP infringement indemnities, that may not be covered or sufficiently covered by other insurance lines. With a proprietary insurance application accepted by all IP insurers, exclusive wording agreements, and strong relationships with leading markets, we structure cost-effective coverage that aligns with your activities, products, and services.

Take Control of Your IP and IA Risks: Safeguarding your intangible assets is critical in today's rapidly changing business landscape. At WTW, we empower you to make informed risk management decisions through our expertise, innovative solutions, and dedicated service.

Our integrated Global infrastructure ensures you have access to the best resources and a team of over 780 specialists in 40 countries, serving more than 21,000 clients worldwide.

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