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Risk Intelligence Quantified

Elevate your risk management. Achieve transformative analysis of dynamic risks through direct access to WTW’s modeling platform with Risk IQ.

Whether you want to enter new markets, stress test business scenarios, or assess mergers and acquisitions (M&As), you can do so with expert risk insight exactly when you need it with Risk Intelligence Quantified (Risk IQ).

Dynamic risks can be difficult to identify, quantify, and mitigate. This means articulating the protection value of insurance against an exposure to the C-suite can be challenging.

Transforming organizational views on the risk function means modernizing the way you understand changing risks, and evolving the way you communicate risk transfer strategies.

Risk IQ empowers risk specialists to do exactly this.

Regardless of where the organization is in its renewal cycle, or whether or not WTW is your broker, Risk IQ provides an on-demand, direct platform to quantify and analyze ever-changing risks and all major insurable renewals, dynamically assessing and evaluating combinations of risk transfer efficiency and risk levels.

An introduction to WTW's Risk Intelligence Quantified

Elevate your risk management solutions. Achieve transformative analysis of dynamic risks through direct access to WTW's modelling platform with Risk IQ.

Key features of Risk IQ

  • Puts risk managers in control of their analytics outputs, giving them freedom to create their own reporting outputs directly and on-demand
  • Offers a user-friendly, modular platform capable of guiding decision-making across the risk management journey
  • Helps risk managers to eliminate surprises and run scenarios as risk profiles change and in light of emerging and non-stop change
  • Provides the ability to run business critical scenarios that could impact risk portfolios, such as M&A activity, independently
  • Capability to adjust risk segmentation and risk analysis to better understand and allocate risk at a business level

What analytics capabilities does Risk IQ offer?

Licensing Risk IQ gives your risk function autonomous access to a breadth of WTW’s powerful risk and analytics solutions:

Global Peril Diagnostic logo

Global Peril Diagnostic

Offering live event tracking for windstorm and earthquake, due diligence on potential new locations and scrutiny of existing and potential suppliers.

Climate Quantified logo

Climate Quantified

Enhance your response to climate risks, while meeting disclosure requirements, by quantifying the physical and transition climate risks across your assets and commodities. Build your own business scenarios with tailored climate risk analytics and reports to understand where to take strategic action.

Climate Diagnostic logo

Climate Diagnostic

Allowing physical climate risk analysis for the main climate perils for various future time periods and under various climate scenarios, providing insight to check and set strategic planning through the prism of climate risk.

Cyber Quantified logo

Cyber Quantified

Scenario based modeling delivers transparency into the unique cyber risks your organization faces, quantifying loss potential, and empowering informed risk transfer decisions.

Workers’ Compensation Diagnostic logo

Workers’ Compensation Diagnostic

Gives scoring on various claims metrics and predictive indications for various claims services to help reduce costs.

Property Quantified logo

Property Quantified

Provides a tangible view of property risk, empowering allocation schemes, scenario modelling, proactively developing risk transfer strategies and executing risk financing strategies.

D&O Quantified logo

D&O Quantified

Provides deeper understanding and a closer monitoring of risk impacts in the dynamic directors’ and officers’ (D&O) insurance environment.

Risk Tolerance Clarified

Risk Tolerance Clarified

Provides a customizable financial benchmarking package for creating risk tolerance statements.

Connected Risk Intelligence

Connected Risk Intelligence

Designed to harness the benefits of risk diversification, uncover arbitrage opportunities and reveal the path to the efficient frontier of risk finance.

ESG Clarified logo

ESG Clarified

Combines an extensive set of external, market-leading data with proprietary internal WTW data sources and analytics to create a powerful lens into your ESG initiatives and risks.

Five ways Risk IQ could refine your risk management approach

Risk IQ can empower your risk function to:

  1. Prepare for potential losses from extreme weather events using live event tracking via Global Peril Diagnostic
  2. Understand the longer-term impact of investing in new physical infrastructure using Climate Diagnostic
  3. Deliver alignment of financial priorities to risk taking using Risk Tolerance Clarified, allowing for buy-in on risk strategy across the business
  4. Investigate the impact of potential M&A activities with Property Quantified
  5. Tackle growing losses from workers’ compensation issues by proactively evaluating the effectiveness of current risk mitigation strategies using Workers’ Compensation Diagnostic.

Discover how Risk IQ could elevate your risk management. Get in touch.

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