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Market Surveys

Our comparative market surveys are indispensable tools for all major industry players.

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Many specialized insurance products are distributed by non-traditional means. Some are combined with related product or service offers. In-depth and up-to-date knowledge of competitors' offers are essential to ensure the success of their release on the market. Due to the quality and quantity of information they contain, our comparative market surveys are indispensable tools for all major industry players.

Some of our surveys are published periodically, while others are conducted on a regular basis. They are published quarterly and are available via our client portal. They include thousands of pages of precise information and many summary report tables. Depending on the nature of the survey, they may include the following documents: promotional documentation, registration forms, information kits, insurance certificates, medical questionnaires and insurance policies.

Credit Cards

The credit card survey lists credit cards issued in Canada by major financial institutions, large retail chains and other issuers.

The survey provides information on benefits, fees, and insurance programs and various premiums and rewards relative to each type of credit card or payment card.

Travel Insurance

The travel insurance survey provides complete descriptions of key travel insurance plans offered abroad and to visitors to Canada, distributed by travel agencies, brokers, travel associations, financial institutions and other businesses.

The survey includes comparative statements on premium rates and covered benefits. This includes summary report tables that explain the range of services provided by various provincial plans as well as coverage available outside a person's province of residence.

Creditor Insurance

The creditor insurance survey presents detailed descriptions of available coverage and the premium rates of main creditor insurance plans offered by financial institutions, trust companies and credit unions throughout Canada.

The survey provides details on the following plans: life insurance, critical illness, disability, job loss insurance, and plans offered in conjunction with mortgage, business and personal loans, and lines of credit.

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