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What will risk look like in the global supply chains of the future?

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A smarter way to managing supply chain risks

Global supply chains were severely challenged during the pandemic and many businesses continue to experience disruption.

Meanwhile threats such as climate-related natural disasters, cyber-attacks and geopolitical instability continue to be a risk.

So how are businesses adapting and what are the main risks and opportunities looking forward?

WTW’s Global Supply Chain Survey asked 800 leading decision makers in a wide range of sectors from around the world.

Sectors surveyed include life science, semiconductors, food, beverage and agriculture, logistics, complex manufacturing, construction, energy and renewables.

Our global report and sector focused reports, look at the key findings and themes that emerged, including industry views on:

  • The impact of supply chain disruption
  • Biggest risks and loss factors
  • Upstream and downstream issues
  • Approaches to supply chain risk management
  • Climate and environmental factors

By downloading these reports, you’ll gain insight into

  • The recent landscape of supply chain disruption
  • How industry peers approach risk management and insurance
  • How to identify your company’s risk exposures and the potential impact
  • Taking steps towards managing and mitigating your risks
  • How to build resilience in your supply chain
  • What the supply chains of the future will look like
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