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Success Story | Beyond Data

A modern-day approach to modern-day talent challenges

June 8, 2022

Delivery Hero leverages SkillsVue – Europe for insights into rewarding digital employees while staying true to their Total Rewards philosophy.
Compensation Strategy & Design
Beyond Data

Delivery Hero, which operates in Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and North Africa, started as a food delivery service in 2011. Today, this Berlin-based company runs its own delivery platform and employs more than 43,000 employees globally. Pioneering quick commerce – the next generation of e-commerce – requires the right talent, and that requires a close look at the Total Rewards offering – particularly for those employees who have business-critical digital skills.

Mirna Bley, Senior Manager Total Rewards, talks with WTW about the challenges Delivery Hero is facing and how they’re overcoming these hurdles to stay ahead of the competition.

WTW: As a global employer that’s pioneering the world of quick-commerce, Delivery Hero has been blazing new trails. What are some of the core HR challenges the organization has been faced with?

Mirna Bley: At Delivery Hero, we have set up our tech and product teams to optimize their ability to innovate and scale for global impact. That has made having the best talent with the right digital skills a must-have. However, as so many organizations have been experiencing, we found ourselves increasingly asking questions about how to attract and retain this high-demand talent in a way that aligns with our overall Total Rewards philosophy. Our biggest issue was, we didn’t have any market resources to answer those questions.

WTW: Will you talk a bit more about the specific questions you were asking?

Mirna Bley: At Delivery Hero, we want to make sure that we understand what market competitive pay levels look like. When looking for digital skill sets in particular, we experienced a much tougher challenge in terms of attracting the right talent, especially when specific combinations of digital skills are required by the business. We were looking for insights to understand which skills were most scarce in the market and how this scarcity might impact pay. SkillsVue – Europe provided us with these insights to support strategic decisions about how we should reward our digital employees while staying true to our core Total Rewards philosophy.

WTW: We’re thrilled that SkillsVue – Europe was able to provide you with the answers Delivery Hero was seeking. Can you provide a few examples of how you’ve been using the tool and which functionalities have been most helpful?

Mirna Bley: Early on in our use of SkillsVue – Europe, I had multiple conversations with the business to ensure it was aligned to their perspectives. By exploring and testing SkillsVue – Europe, we are confident that this is not only a theoretical solution, but a tool that will allow us to forecast the skill availability and prevalence in the market. In turn, this will allow us to make strategic decisions not only in the Total Rewards area.

The platform has provided us with the insights we needed to support our strategic decision making. It’s given us a roadmap on how to reward our digital employees while staying true to our core Total Rewards philosophy. Additionally, it’s very intuitive. For example, I can upload a job description and SkillsVue – Europe automatically extracts the skills and matches the job to WTW’s survey methodology. It’s an innovation we’ve never seen in the market before.

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