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Life sciences report 2022

March 10, 2022

Managing the new political risks in life sciences
Credit and Political Risk|Environmental Risks

Our 2022 report is based on interviews with a panel of nine executives representing leading life science companies and industry analysts, including pharmaceutical and biotech companies, medical devices companies, and an industry association. We asked our interviewees to speak candidly, and off the record, about the new political risks their industry is facing, and they did so. We have used their views to compile the political risk radar that opens the report.

The COVID-19 emergency has boosted public investment in life sciences to levels that may well be unprecedented, and some life sciences companies have reaped share price rewards from being at the front lines of the struggle against the pandemic.

On the other hand, political attention can create political risks. Political decisions taken in an emergency – such as weakening patent rights – may prove to have long-term detrimental consequences, some of them unanticipated. Geopolitics is adding another source of political risk. The relationships between China and the West, and Russia and the West, have become increasingly tense.

Can life sciences companies manage these new political risks? What risks will companies face if politicians seek to unwind global healthcare supply chains? What risks might arise from pandemic-related economic turmoil? What political risk perils might be lurking “under the radar?”

Please download the full report to continue reading.

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