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Talent Analytics

Robust data and insights can help you unlock business opportunities and ensure your organization is well-positioned to change, grow and thrive. From using AI to aligning organizational processes, data-driven decisions not only help you understand your people, but also improve the ROI of your talent strategies and programs.

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Big data, the fuel of the digital economy, is expanding the frontiers of productivity and innovation, providing countless opportunities to improve the talent management process. Information and insights will continue to drive everything from hiring decisions to planning and promotion decisions. They will also help organizations meet training, development and reskilling needs.

In today’s highly-competitive business environment, companies are grappling with questions such as:

  • How do we align organizational structure, processes and roles to drive business strategy?
  • What are the essential attributes of successful leaders that will help us assess which talent should be promoted?
  • How do we align workforce costs with revenues in a dynamic business environment while retaining flexibility?

Data and insights that drive results

The right advice, data and software can help you solve your most pressing business challenges. We can deliver a customized experience based on your unique needs using different combinations of surveys, software and technology solutions, including:

  • Strategy and roadmap development
    Evolving human capital starts with a solid strategy. We can help you develop a systematic approach that aligns activities and timelines with business priorities and customer needs. We work within your unique practical requirements and organizational readiness.
  • Dashboarding design and technology
    Having the right dashboard requires the right strategic focus and segmentation, aggressive prioritization and compelling visualizations. We can help you tell your complex story using simple, yet effective, dashboards for managing your workforce needs.
  • People analytics
    To successfully evolve their workforce, employers need a solid understanding of employee preferences, motivations and experiences. We partner with you to conduct analyses on your labor market, recruiting and retention, ROI and efforts to unlock hidden value across the complete employee lifecycle.
  • Workforce planning
    The ambitions of organizations are inextricably tied to those of their teams. To succeed in today’s competitive environment companies must be able to find the right people, at the right time, at the right places, at competitive costs.

    Our unique framework links business and people strategy. We perform current state analytics including evaluating organizational structure and workforce dynamics. Then, we develop a future state by performing forecasting. We also help companies with action planning to identify strategies to bridge identified gaps with maximum flexibility.

Unlocking hidden value for employers and employees

A robust human capital analytics function that relies on data will provide deep insights to help navigate today’s fast-changing business environment. Willis Towers Watson can help organizations accelerate their progress with gathering and analyzing data in order to remain competitive as they to strive to deliver on their purpose and business performance goals.

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