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Lenders Insurance Advisory Practice

Lenders, investors and sponsors of infrastructure projects, which are financed on a limited recourse and/ or non-recourse basis, are exposed to a wide range of insurable risks. These risks can impact their asset base, interrupt their revenue stream and may affect the projects' ability to repay lenders or investors.

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It is critical that insurance due diligence is undertaken prior to the financial close on infrastructure projects. The Willis Towers Watson Project Finance team has extensive experience and understanding of this specialist area, including the issues that may need to be resolved to satisfy lenders, the potential commercial pressures and timescales typically involved, and the communication flows required between all parties.

Areas covered

Specialists provide guidance on suitable insurance cover to protect project assets and revenue streams. While advising lenders on the insurable risks attached to project finance transactions, further value is added by reviewing other key insurance issues, such as:

  • The interface between payment mechanisms and the revenue protection insurance
  • Risk identification, apportionment and accountability
  • The reduction of borrowers’ exposure
  • The protection of lenders' interests

Who we serve:

  • Banks (commercial and multilateral)
  • Export credit agencies (ECA's)
  • Corporates
  • Investors

Why Willis Towers Watson?

Willis Towers Watson Project Finance is a consulting team within the global advisory, broking and solutions company and is dedicated to providing insurance advice to senior lenders and investors financing infrastructure projects worldwide.

The team is based in London, Paris and Sao Paulo with varied and wide ranging insurance knowledge and a sound understanding of issues of concern to lenders in the current market.

Consultants are widely experienced in seeing insurance and risk issues from a lender's perspective. At the same time, we are aware of the practical issues that can arise from the placement of insurance and are proud of our reputation for being commercially-minded problem solvers.

The Project Finance team has supported 230 different lenders on more than 1,600 projects since 1995, covering a range of sectors including power, renewable energy, petrochemicals, transport, mining, health care and telecommunications.

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