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Multi-Asset Growth Solutions

A multi-asset, multi-manager solution that accesses truly diversified exposures, implemented through specialist managers, to deliver robust long-term returns in all market conditions.

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Challenges you face

Most Diversified Growth Funds (DGFs) do not properly diversify

The return outlook for traditional assets is challenging

Building a truly diversified portfolio can be too complex

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Solutions that count

Access a wide range of investment opportunities beyond the mainstream

Material use of alternative investments to generate returns

Our open architecture approach allows us to invest with specialist managers

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Meeting your needs

Only our top-rated managers


Custom mandates to access our best ideas


Diversify return drivers to manage risk


Dynamic portfolio management to capture market dislocations

= Maximize long-term investment performance through all market conditions

Our differentiated approach:

  1. 01

    Specialist execution

    Many diversified growth fund managers use their in-house investment capabilities to implement the allocations to different asset classes; it is rare to find skilled teams across the whole investment spectrum in a single firm. Our vast manager research resources mean that we can access highly skilled investment managers in specialist areas across all asset classes.

  2. 02

    Ideas and innovation

    An overreliance on daily liquid funds can encourage the exclusion of many alternative investments and their portfolio benefits. We believe such assets are an attractive source of returns in a lower-for-longer environment. Material inclusion of alternative betas in a multi-asset solution will make portfolios more robust when market conditions are challenging.

  3. 03

    Value for money

    We often find that the majority of returns generated by diversified growth funds are from equity and credit market returns. You should not overpay for the market beta. We believe in seeking differentiated exposures and paying fees commensurate with the benefits they bring.

  4. 04

    Time and expertise

    In addition to our significant global research resources which hunt down great investment ideas for our portfolios, we have an experienced portfolio management team that acts decisively to introduce new ideas to our portfolios and apply ongoing dynamic portfolio management to reflect changing market conditions.

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