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Integrated Casualty Consulting

Integrated Casualty Consulting provides user-selected balance sheet protection and assists our large workers compensation clients in reducing their total cost of risk by mitigating claim frequency and costs, reducing claim management fees, and improving operational efficiencies.

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Integrated Casualty Consulting (ICC), an extension of the Risk Control and Claim Advocacy practice, offers clients with loss sensitive programs highly specialized services designed to mitigate claim frequency and costs, reduce claim management fees and improve operational efficiencies.

ICC's integrated analytical approach facilitates "core" analytics — the innovative use of systems and a dedicated analytics team to assist with custom metrics, client defined dashboards/reporting and systems improvement/selection. It includes a Workers Compensation Diagnostic (WCD) tool that helps clients establish a baseline and/or a benchmark for their workers compensation program and has the flexibility to select a state or user-selected industry "peer" group.

ICC's objective is to provide user-selected balance sheet protection and help our large workers compensation clients reduce their total cost of risk (TCOR). With our comprehensive analytical approach to casualty risk control and claim program management, we show clients how to optimize their risk and uncover cost benefits. This comprehensive approach integrates our various consulting services.

  • Claim consulting and liability claim consulting—Post-loss and claim program services
  • Workforce vitality practice and ergonomics consulting—Casualty pre-loss control

They offer a variety of fee-based services that can be combined and customized to individual client needs. Although integrated with these consulting services, the analytics team can also provide fee-based services separate from these solutions.

Claim Consulting

Features five key services:

  • Claim closure solutions (CCS)
  • Third-party claim administrator (TPA) selection services
  • Claim audits program
  • Risk process optimization (RPO)
  • Medical cost containment solutions (MCC)

Claim closure solutions

Most claim professionals agree that when claims are paid faster, costs are less. Proper and aggressive management of the claim process can facilitate a quicker resolution and lower future payments. Claim closure solutions (CCS) is designed to reduce open claims and total developed incurred losses.

TPA selection services

One of the most important decisions a company makes is the selection of its TPA. One mishandled claim could cost thousands of dollars, so the quality of a TPA's services can significantly impact a company's income statement and balance sheet.

However, this decision-making process is complex and requires a significant knowledge and understanding of claim administration that WTW highly trained and experienced professionals bring to clients so they can make informed decisions.

Claim audits

This important service measures and rates the performance of your claim service providers. A highly skilled and experienced team of WTW claim professionals selects files from your loss history. After reviewing and evaluating the files, we prepare a formal report containing constructive recommendations, actionable observations and an overall rating of your claim service providers. This report will also serve as a benchmark to evaluate your service providers' ongoing performance.

Risk process optimization

RPO can give you fresh and innovative ideas to improve efficiencies, drive down costs and provide greater shareholder value. Ongoing strategic risk planning enables you to prosper, and our proprietary RPO method can help.

RPO can clarify our mutual understanding of your key financial and operational goals; define your organization's risk management objectives and activities to align with those goals; and set specific measures and metrics for each objective. The RPO process requires company, claim, risk control and data analytics professionals to partner on these risk-planning strategies. Your RPO efforts will ensure that resources are focused on clear objectives that provide true value to your organization.

Medical cost containment solutions

Businesses are challenged every day to control the cost of workers compensation and to improve their bottom lines. Medical data analysis can be the first step in controlling those costs.

Our MCC service offers our clients a strategic approach to reducing costs associated with their workers compensation large deductible and self-insured programs through our MCC analysis, WTW proprietary process. Our clients typically realize a savings of annual incurred losses. In addition, the savings associated with this program accrue over future years – this is not a one-time savings.

Liability Claim Consulting

The liability claim consulting team helps clients manage complex liability claims and maximize insurance recoveries connected with many types of difficult exposures, including:

  • Asbestos
  • Talc
  • Pollution
  • Chemical exposures
  • Concussion/CTE
  • Sexual molestation
  • Medical devices
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food-borne illnesses
  • Construction defects/mold
  • Catastrophic events/mass casualties
  • Recall-related third-party claims

Workforce Vitality

The WTW Workforce Vitality Practice has a suite of tools and services to improve your organization's performance and give you an edge over your competitors. Here are some of our offerings:

WTW ergonomics services

WTW Ergonomics Task Analysis

This service offers an easy-to-use format that facilitates the critical solution development process:

  • List the risk factors
  • Associate the risk factors with their root sources
  • Brainstorm or "trystorm" changes to the sources
  • Implement the best options
Rapid improvement events

WTW provides two-day to four-day ergonomics training sessions (or Kaizen events) to teach client teams to perform ergonomics task analysis and apply it at their work site.

WTW advanced remote ergonomics

This strategic and holistic approach enables companies to rapidly respond to employees in pain or discomfort. WTW's team of certified ergonomics, wellness, health coaching and rehabilitation specialists work directly with your employees to reduce their discomfort, minimize lost time, and decrease the probability of an escalation to injury or claim. In fact, WTW team of ergonomics specialists has a 99% success rate at effectively resolving employee concerns.

WTW MSD dashboard

Our dashboard accumulates the results of the WTW Ergonomics Task Analysis forms enabling visualization of the key metrics of your risk pre- and post-assessments, such that the measurable impact can be quantified.

WTW ergonomics process evaluation tool

Compare your current process against proven best practices by using our ergonomics process evaluation tool. The online system allows you to compare sites and to view sites over multiple reviews. While the evaluation starts by assessing gaps, over time it becomes a cultural development management process that makes ergonomics a normal part of operations.

WTW Body Ergo

This biomechanics training process is more effective than safe lifting training. While ergonomics seeks to change the engineering design of your workplace, tools and equipment, Body Ergo seeks to empower your employees to make the best decisions possible through efficient and safe body movement.

WTW online coaching

24/7/365 online communication raises the bar for ergonomics. Our online multimedia coaching tool is designed for managers and supervisors, delivering generic or customized content to your staff in brief, information-packed videos. Regularly scheduled emails update information for subscribers. Our online coaching library provides timely, fun, practical and short messages created by ergonomics leaders who have developed and implemented successful ergonomics programs in some of the nation's largest companies.

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