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Managing the new political risks in oil and gas

By Sam Wilkin | March 25, 2024

Expert insights into the new geopolitical dynamics and their implications for the oil and gas sector in 2024.
Credit and Political Risk
Geopolitical Risk

In an era defined by rapid geopolitical shifts, the oil and gas sector faces a transformed landscape compared to our 2020 study. Based on a series of structured interviews with companies in the sector, this report provides insights into these geopolitical dynamics and their implications for the oil and gas sector in 2024.

The new geopolitics of energy: redefining industry relationships

  • What is the impact of new geopolitical fault lines, particularly the impact of the conflict in Ukraine and Western sanctions, on global energy markets?
  • How are geopolitical dynamics reshaping industry relationships and what are the potential long-term effects on oil and gas operations?
  • How are ongoing economic recovery challenges shaping the economic landscape of the oil and gas sector?

Will there be a populist backlash against climate policy?

The report provides original research on topics of concern to the executives we interviewed. One of these concerns is populism and polarization, which have become entrenched in the political landscape, influencing risks such as climate policy uncertainty.

What will a world of blocs look like?

Another risk concern is how the conflict in Ukraine has accelerated a division of global energy markets between East and West, appearing to indicate a shift from a globalised order to a world of blocs. Scholars from Oxford Analytica’s expert network address the question, “What will a world of blocs look like?” covering trade alliances and diplomatic relations, and how industry players can prepare for a future where geopolitical affiliations play a pivotal role in shaping business strategies.

Download the full report to access more detailed expert perspectives on managing the new political risks in the oil and gas sector.


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