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The digital talent landscape in Asia Pacific

Insights from the 2022 Greater Bay Area Connections conference

July 5, 2022

Are employers understanding and addressing the needs of digital talent? Watch our video.
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In today’s economic, social and business environment, forming effective strategies to secure key digital talent is as urgent as adopting technological advancements. Our recent Artificial Intelligence and Digital Talent (AIDT) Survey found that only 10% of Asia Pacific organisations reported being ready for digitalisation and 90% reported having difficulties with digital talent attraction and retention.

10% Asia Pacific organisations reported being ready for digitalisation

90% Reported having difficulties with digital talent attraction and retention


In the Reimagining Work and Rewards Survey, we asked what employees look for when joining an organisation, and what makes them stay. Here’s what we found:

  • When it comes to joining an organisation, pay and reputation continue to be the top factors to attract employees to an organisation
  • When it comes to retention, employees look for growth, learning and development opportunities. They want purpose and a culture that aligns with their mindset.

However, when it comes to actions taken, organisations are focusing most on enhancing pay and rewards, essentially overlooking the most important factors that make employees stay in an organisation.

Wen Wan, Head of Work & Rewards for Hong Kong and Macau, shared three key actions for organisations to take in building successful digital talent strategies:

  1. 01

    Gain clarity within your organisation.

    Organisations going through digital transformation are focused on enhancing three key areas: systems and network, digital and data infrastructure and customer experience. Understanding where you are in this journey enables you to identify the critical skillsets your organisation needs, and to adapt HR processes and programs to encourage key talent to stay in your organisation.

  2. 02

    Know your competition.

    Understand the talent supply of the specific workforce you are looking for and find out what your competitors are doing to attract them. Pay is still key; obtain salary data for compensation levels in your market or industry so that you will have a clearer view into the value of skills and ensure that your pay is competitive in this talent pool.

  3. 03

    Calibrate your HR programs and processes.

    Review your digital priorities and calibrate your HR programs and processes to enhance your value proposition to key digital talent.

In the full session, Wen discusses what the most sought-after digital skills are today, the factors that employees prioritise when joining an organisation — it’s not just pay! — and how cultivating an organisation’s purpose and culture can help employees grow within your organisation. Fill out the form on the right to watch the full video.


Head of Work & Rewards, Hong Kong and Macau
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