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Renewable Energy Market Review 2022

By Robin Somerville | January 12, 2022

The risk implications that need to be considered by the renewables industry post COP26.
Environmental Risks|Work Transformation

Following the COP26 summit held in Glasgow in 2021, there are a number of risk implications that should be considered from a renewable energy industry perspective.

Our review “After COP26: risk implications for the renewables industry” outlines the tools which companies can embed within their own organisations for their own journey towards a Net Zero future. It includes an article written by Australasian Renewable Energy Leader John Rae, looking at the huge uptick in renewable energy innovation and whether the insurance industry is keeping pace. Owners of renewable energy facilities may be readily accepting the benefits of prototypical technology but find themselves in no man’s land where insurers and manufacturers are not willing to take any associated risk.

Australian readers will also find an article on Nat Cat exposures and the impacts of climate change on renewable energy projects, referencing specific local issues, as well as insights into the state of the Australian insurance market and its appetite for renewable energy risks.

These feature among an examination of a range of very significant risk management and insurance market issues which are currently challenging the industry.

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