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What would ‘stapling’ mean for your business?

By Andrea Piaia and Jackie Downham | June 7, 2021

Your Future Your Super and stapling provisions remain on the agenda and will have implications for your company’s superannuation and insurance arrangements.

The Your Future Your Super bill has progressed through the House of Representatives and is set to be considered by the Senate, most likely during the sitting week commencing 15 June. So far, there is no indication that the proposed 1 July start date for the ‘stapling’ provisions will be changed.

Have you considered the implications for your superannuation and insurance arrangements?

In this detailed guide, Employers: what you need to know about Your Future Your Super and ‘stapling’ we explain how stapling is currently designed to work, and show you what may be required for your onboarding processes. We also look at the role your company’s default fund will continue to play in your employee benefits program.

The guide offers a number of helpful action items to assist your internal processes and the Willis Towers Watson team is here for you and available to talk through any questions or concerns.


Superannuation and Benefits expert

Senior Director, Retirement

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