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Renewable Energy Market Review 2021

By Robin Somerville | January 20, 2021

How prepared is your business in facing the challenges brought on by COVID-19 and climate change in the renewables industry?
Climate Risk and Resilience|Risque de pandémie

In these unprecedented times, the global renewable energy industry is going through a significant period of transition, primarily instigated by climate change and of course now exacerbated by the effects of COVID-19. But just how prepared is the renewables industry to meet the risks and challenges that it currently faces?

The review considers:

  • Why changes in the overall global energy mix have brought their own shift in the renewables risk landscape.
  • The key threats and challenges that the industry must meet in order to manage its emerging climate risk.
  • The strategic role that risk managers can play in the renewables industry response.
  • A roundup of conditions in today’s challenging insurance market for the renewables sector.

You can also download the document below.

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Renewable energy market review 2021 PDF 19.3 MB

Business Development Director,
Natural Resources


Head of Risk Advisory, Regional Lead Natural Resources

Australasian Renewable Energy Leader

John leads our Renewable Energy team in Australia and New Zealand. He is responsible for advising Renewable Energy clients on risk and strategy during all phases of the project life cycle.

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