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Building strong foundations: Mission clarity

Defining the fundamental purpose

February 21, 2018

Strong governance is a critical requirement to allow organisations to achieve above average investment outcomes on a sustainable basis. Our paper focuses on mission clarity. What does having mission clarity involve? Why is it important?

Mission clarity is critical for every organisation to get right to ensure long-term success. Now is a perfect time to address this.

Founded on the work driven by Roger Urwin into beliefs and mission and governance, we continue to reinforce the key messages and see evidence of their value through our research and client work.

This is the latest paper in the Building Strong Foundations series. It delves deeply into what is meant by mission clarity and the actions organisations can and should take in its pursuit.

It includes:

  • What mission clarity involves and why it is important
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • What marks success and failure
  • The process towards developing mission clarity.
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