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A first-of-its-kind, interactive analytics software enabling organizations to see the impact of skills on pay for digital talent.

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As digital technologies continue to disrupt traditional business models, acquiring talent with the digital skills you need to support your transformation is becoming increasingly difficult.

Compensation professionals are re-examining their benchmarking practices to include a strong view on skills. They also are factoring this into their annual compensation planning and talent acquisition decisions.

of organizations are struggling to attract and retain the digital talent they need to achieve their digital transformation goals.

Yet, finding a reliable, skills-based view of traditional reward and talent management applications is a challenge. Skill data are patchy, use inconsistent taxonomies, often lack robustness or granularity, and are difficult to reconcile across multiple sources with any kind of consistency.

You can’t solve tomorrow’s problems using yesterday’s tools

Are you ready for skills to shape jobs?

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Our exclusive technology addresses all aspects of collecting, extracting, classifying, mapping and analyzing skill data in relationship with our Artificial Intelligence and Digital Talent compensation data, representing the most complete vision for skills-based compensation.

Customize rewards for your digital workforce

and provide reliable quotes for talent sourcing based on exact skill requirements.

Assess the strength of market demand

for individual skills and their prevalence across all digital work areas

Determine skill premiums

for the digital skills that matter the most to your organization

Model and instantly visualize pay

for individual skill permutations, within each discipline and career-level combination


SkillsVue is available in the Netherlands, United Kingdom and United States. Download a brochure for more information.

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SkillsVue Brochure PDF 3.3 MB

SkillsVue Europe: Broaden your view

Access your single source of truth for digital skills

Find out more about SkillsVue - Europe

Understanding the regional market for digital skills is critical, as work is not necessarily bound to a single location. Organizations need to assess their digital weak spots and the degree to which they need to fortify their digital talent pool. They must plan based on reality and leverage quality market data and insights to stay ahead of the competition and remain on-pace in their digital transformation journey.

With SkillsVue – Europe, you can:

Determine which digital skills command a premium

to compete in the European market for talent

Identify the most prevalent digital skills

to ensure you are on track with emerging trends

Leverage data, not gut instinct or candidate demands

to design reward programs that attract and retain the right talent

Create a competitive edge

and become a market-leading employer by using market-leading insights


SkillsVue – Europe presents data aggregated from across the region, including Great Britain, that are considered representative indicators for the entire region.

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SkillsVue Europe Brochure PDF .9 MB

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