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Webinar and event series

Past webinars and events

Construction Industry Briefing: market update and future trends
This virtual session, delivered by WTW's local and global Construction industry experts in February 2023, provides insights into:

  • The Australasian Construction insurance market: including pricing changes we expect to see in the coming six months.
  • The global insurance market for the Construction industry: similarities and differences with the local market in 2022 and beyond.
  • Insurer insights: an update on key trends that insurers are focused on right now and how they may impact your insurance coverage.

To request a link to the replay, please visit this page.

Managing psychosocial risks in the workplace - is your organisation compliant?

Presented by EML and featuring guest speaker Ian Firth from SafeWork NSW, this WTW webinar explored what organisations with employees in NSW must do to ensure they are compliant with the Work Health and Safety Regulation 2017 (NSW).

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Under attack: protecting your organisation in today's cyber threat landscape

In recent months we have witnessed major cyberattacks brought against some of Australia’s largest institutions causing significant harm to individuals and the wider community. As a result, many WTW clients are now seeking to understand how they can best protect their organisation from the current cyber threat landscape and the dilemmas and challenges associated with responding to an attack.

This virtual session, delivered by WTW's market-leading cyber and technology risk team, helped clients to understand the key issues driving cyber risk, how these exposures can be managed, as well as the support available to explore and address key concerns.

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Attraction and retention in the construction industry

Hiring and retaining the right people is one of the biggest challenges facing contractors today.

The construction industry already faces a shortage of skilled trades which, combined with impacts of 'the great resignation’, is causing widespread concern for many businesses on being able to deliver effectively to clients.

So what can you do to help reduce resignation risk and its financial impact on your business?

This webinar will help you understand the reasons behind resignation decisions and the range of interventions available, as well as a range of important levers you can use to manage this business critical challenge.

We also look at:

  • What’s driving employee attraction and attrition in Australia
  • Employee Experience trends in the construction and engineering industries

To request a link to the replay, please visit this page.

How to take the right action on climate change

While some large asset owners are already working to align their portfolios to net zero outcomes, action on climate change needs to be embraced by the entire investment ecosystem. Where is your organisation in terms of beliefs and ambitions on climate? How do these translate into taking the right action for your portfolios?

In this valuable webinar, we explored how asset owners of all sizes can take substantial steps towards aligning their portfolio with net zero goals. We presented ways that organisations can build momentum and ambition on climate change considerations and realise the opportunities.

To request a link to the replay, please visit this page.

Parametric solutions: protecting your business from extreme events

Across Australia and New Zealand, businesses know only too well the impacts of natural catastrophes such as flood, cyclones, bushfires, earthquakes and more. They have also experienced the range of limitations for cover under traditional insurance.

There is an alternative. Parametric solutions respond to the characteristics of a specific event, such as the strength of a cyclone, the height of a river in flood, temperature-induced perils - where those characteristics are highly correlated to likely loss. Offering cover across a wide range of industries, parametric solutions represent a key alternative risk transfer option to better address “nat cat” exposures.

On this webinar, our global experts discussed how these solutions work and their applicability to Australian and New Zealand organisations.

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WA model WHS laws: are you doing enough to meet your new obligations?

Staying compliant is vital for Australian employers, as penalties can be steep when breaches occur and the cost of long-term injuries can be significant.

Presented by WTW in conjunction with NB Lawyers - lawyers for employers, this webinar is designed to assist clients with the implementation of model WHS laws in WA. We will discuss:

  • An overview of key changes to the new model WHS laws in WA
  • How to implement the model WHS laws in WA to keep your people and your business safe
  • The application of WHS laws, with recent case law scenarios
  • How the courts are applying the legislation and key takeaways from recent officer prosecutions
  • Changes to insurance arrangements for health and safety breaches.

For a link to the webinar replay, please email

2022 Workplace Risk Market Update

During the 2022 Workplace Risk State of the Market, our team of Workplace Risk experts discussed important updates across the Australasian Workers’ Compensation market with a specific focus on 30 June, including what pricing businesses should be prepared to see at the upcoming renewal period. In addition, they addressed key work, health & safety updates.

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The Great EX Awakening webinar series

Webinars in this series include:

  • Hybrid working: how to make the transition from working at home effectively
  • How focusing on holistic people risk culture can create a win/win situation
  • Healthy Minds: how Ventia used the power of personal connections to drive an award-winning mental health program
  • What's sparking The Great EX Awakening?
  • Reimagining work and rewards: from pressure points to strategy in 2022
  • The hidden potential of financial wellbeing
  • Benefits in the new normal
  • Using data to obtain workplace risk insights

To request a link to the replays, please visit this page.

Construction Industry Briefing: market update and future trends

In this session, our WTW experts explored how the Construction insurance market performed throughout 2021, both in Australasia and globally, and what trends can we expect to see follow through into 2022, including key trends that insurers are focused on right now and how they may impact your insurance coverage.

To request a link to the replay, please visit this page.

Can employers force their employees to get COVID-19 vaccinations?

This is a tough question and one that all local employers will need to traverse in the near future when a COVID-19 vaccine is rolled out in Australia. The vaccine has been announced as voluntary by the Federal Government, leaving employers with ambiguity as to whether they can force an employee to be vaccinated. Join our webinar guest speaker Jonathan Mamaril, Director of NB Lawyers – Lawyers for Employers, as he discusses why the answer is probably “yes” and how a policy properly implemented should protect an employer’s position. A panel discussion exploring the insurance aspects of this matter is also included.

For a link to the webinar replay, please email

Australian workforce? How to positively influence your workers’ compensation premium

If you have employees who work in different Australian states and territories, Workers’ Compensation insurance can be highly complex. Join Willis Towers Watson’s Head of Workplace Risk Kosta Savidakis and David Allan, Workplace Risk Solutions Director at an informative webinar where we’ll explain the differences across each jurisdiction, outline how you can minimise your workers’ compensation exposure and simplify your company’s approach to this vital cover for your employees.

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