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Financial and Regulatory Reporting

In recent years there have been considerable changes in global financial and regulatory reporting. These changes bring some very specific challenges for insurers’ finance and actuarial teams, including the need to produce numbers and analyses ever quicker, with greater transparency and with more stringent governance and controls.

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We work with clients to provide a range of consulting and technology solutions to smooth the path to regulatory compliance and approval, to enhance investor communication, and also enable work undertaken to add value in business-as-usual operations. We provide the tools and advice to help you understand the risk, capital and value implications of your business strategy, and strengthen your ability to deliver appropriate financial reporting information.

How we can help

We can help you strengthen your ability to deliver the appropriate external and internal financial reporting information by:

  • Designing, implementing and embedding key reporting and shareholder value measures
  • Developing a range of key-performance-indicator metrics that are integrated and tailored to your company's business
  • Identifying the business implications of financial reporting results and embedding the use of appropriate performance metrics in your organization
  • Using our knowledge to advise on, create or review your financial reporting
  • Introducing technology solutions to help streamline and automate the production of financial analysis and reporting numbers.
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